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When was the last time you wrote something for more of a personal use, rather than for work or school?
Today we are getting down to business (no, we are not making you a man) and talking about how useful writing things down are.

I take my time to make lists, not online, not on my phone – take a pen and paper and write things down on my list. All this makes my day run smoother. Since all I need to do is check and re-check everything on it as I accomplish daily tasks. Some of them turn into weekly, as I write them every day as long as I finish them on a timely basis.

Whether you are in a creative setting or not, you have dozens and dozens of thoughts in your brain constantly. These things linger over your head and until you do them, or at least write them down, they will continue doing so. And as soon as you write them down, accomplish them and cross them off – here comes that overly awesome feelings.

Insight number 1:

You get to focus on important things – As far as we all know, work things and other life errands are as important as family, friends and activities we love. In other words, writing down tasks helps you remember and focus on the bigger picture.

Insight number 2:

Whenever you note down ideas, certain words,thoughts or sketches that come to your mind at that moment, it will help you in the future. Your list doesn’t necessarily mean that you are writing down word by word thoughts, per contra you are writing down a piece of your future content, whatever or wherever that may be.

So, when you pick up that thought, be it a project, an errand, a gift idea or whatever, these other life helpers (such as thoughts, words or sketches) would help you out even more when you look at the bigger picture.
Insight 3:

Task is done, check it off and shake it off. Oh, the lovely sight at the end of the day when you gather your thoughts, look at your list and see things crossed off. This is such a treat to have!

Not deleting what you did, not opening up a new note or word document, simply picking up the pen and looking at all the things you’ve accomplished. Go you!
Insight 4:
Ideas won’t stay there too long.¬† In this fast paced world that we live in, our thoughts move that fast and disappear quite fast. Write these thoughts down to make them stay because these ideas are who you are and you can get gold mines out of them. Whether you have a leaky brain and thoughts drip away or have a solid good memory, some still slip. Write it down.



Insight 5
Disconnection¬† –¬† When you don’t occupy your mind with every single detail of things that you have to do, you allow yourself to disconnect in the best possible way. Writing down daily tasks, it makes you unload them off your brain and you can live calmer and easier… You take your shoes off when you get home, you get into comfy clothes often, all that is for your body’s well being. Be there for the well being of your mind too, darling.¬† Write it down and disconnect.
If you have any other ideas, thoughts, comments or just want to send love my way, you can call me, beep me… (if you want to reach me) … Seriously though, comment down below, send an e-mail, tweet it out, we are here for you.

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