Keep your head in the game


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Let’s get motivated!

Keep your head in the game!

That is right, here we are in almost May and as we know it, Spring is in the air. You have gone by already four months of this 2014 and what have you got to show for it?

Let’s make a recap on how to stay motivated!!

First of all, what is your goal? Is it realistic? Are you doing it step by step? What we are trying to say is that you should handle your goals one at a time, taking baby steps lead you to bigger goals getting done. So, instead of saying “lose 10 pounds” try “lose 1 pound”, instead of “social network my company 4 hours a day” (leading to total exhaustion and overdoing yourself) try “Get to 5 more people a day.”

All these goals lead to the same place, the only difference is that it is broken down. Making your life easier to handle and achieving actual goals.



Now, list time.

1)Stop wishing. You can desire it all you want.And even remind yourself of your goal. Now, what is you goal? Are you going to achieve it by sitting on the couch every weekend?

2) Start working for it. Take some extra time that you know you have and start finding out what it takes to get to where you want to be. Now, it is your time and time enough to do thing one at a time. People, it is all about how you manage your time. We have the same time in this world as the rest.

3) Focus! What is you goal? How do you remind yourself every day about this goal? Are you multi-tasking, getting distracted, give up at the turn of the page? That is not the way to go, focus on what you need to achieve. It is the same as studying for a test. You needed to focus to remember everything that was going to be in it. This is your real life test and you need to get your focus back in the game.

4) Motivate! Motivate yourself, write wonderful words about what you want to do, write your biggest wish, read things that keep you upbeat. Do what is in your hands to motivate yourself every single day. Even if you just do 15 more minutes each day, even if it is one email, every second count towards your dreams. Why? Just because you are making your dream come true.

5) Tell the whole wide world! Ok, not the whole world if you don’t want to but tell your whole world. Tell people about your goal, they will inspire you, they will keep you in check and remind you to keep going.

6) Push yourself! If this is something you really want, if it is something that you are willing to sacrifice your time for and move some things aside, then push yourself. You have to put your 100% in everything you do.

7) Be real with yourself. Don’t force anything, just let yourself go. Little by little you will see the changes. Be patient because time is everything. All you need to do is work day after day and you will get there.



And an extra one for the day

– – – – See your future!! – – – – –

Where do you see yourself in the next  6 months time? How far do you want to go? Do you like to see yourself like that?

Then start now, start anywhere. It is better to start anywhere than nothing at all. The beginning is hard and the rhythm needs to be constant. If you see yourself living your goal in the future, then that is what you need to be working on.

Start working out, start living your dream, cut out things you don’t need, see your future and start it now.

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