Late night convos

Hello there,

Around these days, I feel that I´ve had nothing but late night convos. These type of conversations that start with a simple ¨Hello, I haven´t heard from you in forever, how are you?¨ Just like that, a person that you haven´t talked to in forever because lives get too busy, too intertwined with other stories, too rushed to remember the oldest of friends, etc starts talking.

It could also be that new friend you met during the Summer and finally get a chance to talk to them, it could be that co-worker that you´ve only crossed paths, it could be anyone new too, really!

Just like that. 

It comes one in a while, it comes at the right time, it always comes around. Out of all the people you meet, out of everyone you have seen, it comes to be the best type of people in your life. Mainly because no matter how busy life gets, you know that you are thinking of each other and that your friendship comes naturally. And best of all is the following!  When you start talking, when you just start saying a quick hello, you really don´t realize the depth this may go to.  These talks usually happen at night or at a moment that you weren´t planning to. Out of nowhere, we start talking, our common day-to-day talks and mindless small chat to catch up.

Sounds something like this: ¨Kids are great.¨ ¨Job is ok, working towards a better path.¨ ¨Oh, yes, she did quit her job, she got a better one nearby.¨ ¨My exams are a work load, but hey, I am studying what I like!¨ ¨I need a break, lately I´ve been doing way too much.¨

All these types of small chat that it wonderful to know about but we of course forget the actual substance.

So there we are, face to face or even screen to screen, writing back and forth like we only had that moment. It goes from small chat to then ¨Let me tell you what happened at work the other day!¨ and you say the same about school, house or with the kids…. they turn into stories. There you are, exchanging more than mindless chat and getting really interested in storytelling what happened to you at the supermarket.

From there to further on, of course. The conversation strikes your eye, it catches you even more, getting you all excited and giddy at the same time, you almost know that this is one of those great conversations.

You start talking about your current relationship, your latest catch and daring stories about your singlehood, in true Barney Stinson spirit. Or just how horrible it can be and you are learning about yourself, as any comedy-romantic movie we can see. This moment is key, due to that you are talking about feelings  now. This conversation is getting to the key point of knowing more about the other person, something that you always wanted to know more about.

Now, after talking about that, of course we go to the future, we go to the  main questions, we go to all those thoughts of  ¨Where do you see yourself?¨ ¨Where do you want to go?¨ ¨Are you doing what you love?¨ and the even more intense and important ¨How are you feeling right now?¨ …

My fellow friend, this conversation got to its full potential. It started as a simple phone call, a quick hello or just run of the mill hey and it leaded up to a long deep conversation in almost a blink of an eye. From one point to another, it could have been two hours or twenty minutes even.

Back to me, lately I have had many of these conversations. Not only with true friends that have seen the base of it all, like seeing me cry over bad hair dye and see my super personal achievement of writing my book, but also with new friends who have seen the surface every so lightly since there hasn´t been time for more. Let me tell you something, all these conversations have come at random times, have come up naturally and have been deeper than I could ever have thought.

I wanted to write about this because there is something about late night conversations that I love. I love how humans as we are can create countless conversations topics and how easy it is to carry a good one when we want to the most. I love how I have come home after a concert at 2am and started talking to a new friend about the deepest of the things until 6am. I love how another new friend texts me to say hello at  10pm and it, then, led to a two-hour conversation about where we see each other in the upcoming year, talking about goals and coming up with new ideas. I just love how one of my closest friends calls me out of the blue, just when I needed it, skip from one subject to another, letting all my feelings out in a matter of minutes. That phone call turned out to be also two hours.

I find all this fascinating. These people put another perspective in my life, these people I can fall in love with, these people helped me discover more parts of myself or even made me better listeners. Yes, it´s fun to meet up with friends. I am a social butterfly! It´s great to know that you are going to see them to talk for hours on end.

However, dear friend, when that late night convo strikes, it´s the right kind of magic. It keeps you thinking about it for the next few hours or the next morning when you woke up. It just happens to happen.

Just like that. 

Magic, baby.

I hope your days, at least, once in a while, are filled with late night convos.

Spread the love, spread the word,

The Always Believer

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