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Hi Team Flyer!

How are you, darling? How is that road to success going? You going for it, right? You´re making a change in your own world and dropping new headlines about your life like if you were a twitter screen. Annoucement after announcement, exiting things after the other… Okay, okay, maybe not all the time, yet for the most part you must be heading down the right path… you are here, after all, and you know that we are here with the most positive vibes and friendly faces… to help you be more you and be where you want to be!

So, what am I going to remind you for the road to success? Nothing else than mantras, also known as quotes, nothing else than words of wisdom, also known as motivation posters for your room and wallet… you are going to read these sentences of knowledge and make them your own… choose one, change it around, do whatever you please and keep them in mind… because, believe me honey, you are bound to make amazing things happen if you just start with these!


Let´s go, Team Flyer !!


When you fall and always rise up:

Yes, you know it, fair and square… Life will kick you down hard and push you around, just as much as it will lift you higher and glide you over to the next great bit of your life. When the road gets tough, make sure you are tougher. You are born to shine, you are born to do things you love, what is stopping you? A few rocks along the road? Honey, Rome wasn´t build in a day and they had to lead with plenty of rocks… Does Rome exist? Of course and it is beautiful. Good, great, wonderful things take time.

And of course, the less time you spend on the ground, the more time you will spend rising above it all and getting things done.  That is your goal, at the end of the day. Go on, do it. Get up and be smart with your time.


Passion; something we all need and want

Now, lovers and love life aside, we all want passion and we all need to be passionate. What is one of your biggest passions? How does that make you feel? If you take a passion and turn it into something bigger, it will become just that, something even bigger which gives you enough willpower to continue doing something you love.

And that can just go anywhere, from school, to a business to a family, if you are really passionate about something you will do whatever it takes to make it happen. And that is the true beauty. Nothing or no one will ever take away your passion away, so take advantage of it and do whatever it takes to make it come true!



You are in charge of your destiny.

Yes, just you. You are the one willing and able to do with your own life whatever you want to, whatever it may be. If you want to something, all you got to do is go after it. It sounds easy and it is.  If you look at your day, you were in charge from what you ate, what you saw, who you talked to, where you went.. even if it is work, it is still your decision…. And what does this mean in the big picture?

Sometimes you might not have the right balance and it is okay, as long as you are working towards what you really want. If you do this, you will achieve goals on your list. Now that might not be easy, now that might not be fast, it will be worth it since it is your main goal.  It might mean sacrifice certain things and all, notwithstanding, it is always up to you.




Money, save it, save it some, save it some, save all of it


The moment you start, you really don´t want to stop… it seems easy and honey, it is. You label a box, big, medium, castle like, small, any kind, any sorts and label it something you love, something you desire to do, to buy to achieve… and from that moment on, any spare change, any extra five here and there it all goes in. You can save it in many ways too, such as a chart and adding exactly what it says on it. Or a certain amount a month or a week like if it was a bill. And make sure you don´t open until a date that you see fit or even if you don´t put a date, keep filling, filling and filling some more.

Why is this important? Because for you to make your dreams come true, no matter if it pleasure or work, this is the extra push and mattress you need to keep on going. Your future self will thank you, believe me. I´ve been there and I have thanked myself a whole lot.


Look at your weakness as your next strengths

Yes, you are reading correcting and might be surprised… let´s see, why take your negative and leave it as a negative when we can take a negative and turn into something positive? Chin up, little soldier. When someone gives you some feedback, negative in this case, they are telling you where you can get better. And that is something valuable to have.


Why? Because if you here, right now, reading this, is a sure guarantee that you want to become a better person with yourself and help society.  In other words,  someone is telling you a weak point right up front, without you having to figure it out on your own, not only is that a time saver, it is an eye opener and it is something you can work on to keep on getting better and better…




Do you have any words of wisdom for us?

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Have a great day!

The Always Believer


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