Learning how to swallow


Hello wonderkids!

How is your week going? A

Ok, to the point, learning how to swallow…

Yes, you read right, this is an important life skill we need. And something I can’t do at all.

Ok, ok let me be more specific. After all, I am able to eat. What has been on my mind for a while is: what is required to be considered as a life skill?

For example, swallowing pills. Is this something everyone needs to learn how to do? It is so typical to swallow pills, from painkillers to the birth control pill to anything else in between. How is that people pass their life without knowing how to swallow? I have been asked that question quite a few times. I have tried and succeed. And even though, I don’t give up, I still can’t help but have a hard time to do so. It stinks in many situations, many different times. From awkward medical visits, specially coming from someone who has been to the hospital many times, to even needed to take one at a friend’s house because that is all the painkiller they have…. the amount of time people have stared at me as I tried to swallow a pill is ridiculous. I could have had my own tv time with an audience, like if I was an alien. All the more, I haven’t met much “non-swallowers” in my life. It’s like a skipped the lesson on how to do so. And other things I skipped the lesson on how to do…..

Blow a bubble, whistle, ride a bike, sow, know how to golf/bowl/play pool/play cards properly, drive a car, how to cook, how to fold sheets properly….

Just to name a few. I can’t really tell you how many times all these “common things that everyone knows” has put me in a weird situation of a high pitch voice saying “You don’t know how to do that!” or “How can you not know!” And this comes not only from adults but also from kids, specially when it comes to “child-like” things.

My life hasn’t been the usual picket fence life but that is not even the point here. The point is how is it required to do all those things to be considered part of the rest of society? Come on, we don’t all learn those things in today´ s world. Oddly enough, I am not ashamed of any of the mentioned above. I know what I can and cannot do. I know that I have to bring with me or ask for medicine that dissolves in water. And for the rest, take it easy. A little bit extra, I personally think learning CPR and things of the sort are much more useful in life than knowing how to jump rope and learning how to fly a kite.


So, once again my question:

What is a life skill? Do you think all these things are something that every human needs to know?

Thanks for hearing me out, have a great one!

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