Let me hear you roar

Hey there fellow creators of the world,

How are you doing today? I know all dazzling and ready for some action to continue down the path of love.

How am I, you ask? I am renovating, moving, believing, creating and best of all, loving.

You see, as I wrote a couple of months ago, I am in a transaction path from always doing everything but me. In other words, I have been really busy and alway filled my time with all sorts of things and a lot of work. I haven´t concentrated on me for a long time and that my friends is something long overdue. I am happy to announce that days and weeks like these are setting me on the right track of life. Where, you may ask? Who knows? All I know is that I got goals and some time to inspire myself and with that inspire others.

I´ve had my fair share of low points, like everyone, however, within that, this time around, once more, I am here to better myself. This week I have learnt (or still in the end process of) to let go, to focus on myself and best of all, to finally make those changes that have been on my to do list, come to real life. I know it is going to be a long road, yet I stand here before you, (well sitting down mainly) with a smile on my face, looking over the horizon and brave to make the next move.

What next, you may add? Where to start!!! First of all, I am here! Writing my soul to you. Yes, to you, distant stranger. Not because I have no shoulder to lean on over here, but I am sharing my soul to you because that is what makes me happy. The fact, that you are there, reading these lines. The importance of having you in my life is that people are greater than words, that we are able to relate to almost anyone around the world and that the matter of it all is that for whatever the reason, our paths crossed. And that is extraordinary to me. It goes with the same as that you come and check my page for daily motivation and fun articles, mixed with random songs, to this. To reading my thoughts… I proceed on thanking you, my fellow Always Believer.

After my first step of turning the page, that is where I am going to continue. Turning that same page, to another and another and another.  I know, dear reader, you have been in the same steps. Of feeling lost, of discovering yourself, of having it all and having it all gone, of making it all up and putting a smile on your face. I know for a fact, that the moment you had to calm down and get a moment alone, you cried your tears all out, or you had a big buffet full of comfort food, who knows? What I am trying to say is that this is the point of all this, of learning step by step that at the end of the day, after all the tears were shed and the food was eaten, it´s time to get up and keep on shining. We went through that process knowing that it was the right step to make.

Now, I embrace this newfound life, the same one on the track of learning who I am and who I want to become. Because after all, it doesn´t matter what age you are reading this, we are learning creatures, we all change pages and we all want the best.  I want to read something positive every day, I want to see something that makes me crack up, I want to make sure that at least once a day I am helping someone have a better day, whether it is with a smile or a thank you, as soon as I make that person´s day better, I feel better.

As I continue this walk of life, this way of roaring out loud, I want to be heard, by you, I want to listen, you, and I want to contribute to make this world better. I do believe that I can achieve my goals of staying positive. No matter how hard times I will stumble into, I have overcome plenty hard ones already and that my dear, is a great feeling to have. I bet you have one too.

Thanks for reading, thanks for being there, dear old friend. This one goes out to you and to me and to everyone who wants to join us. Join the fact that no matter how low we have been, there is always a high place to go. And we deserve it. And we can. And best of all, that is where we are heading.  Exactly after we changed the page, started a new chapter or even changed the whole book.

Our time is now and remember folks, ¨A  Winner is just a loser who tried one more time¨ by George M. Moore Jr.

Always believe,

The Always Believer

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