Let me in

Hola my amazing world creators!

How are you today? How is your day turning out? I am happy, which is usual. This year I decided to come in like a wrecking ball, (yes, pun intended) and break my walls. I decided to go for my passion, you! Get that weird look out  of your face and turn it into a smile. I love to motivate, spread cheer and goodness love, I just love to finally enjoy life to its fullest.

Whether this is the first post you read or not, happy to have you! You know, life for me hasn´t always been this happy cheerful glow. I´ve seen some hard days. And you know? Here I am! Out of that and into this!

I had this voice in me that kept saying Let me in! Until that voice became as loud as a siren or as annoying as any overly played song… (and hey, I am a music lover but come on!) that voice was that loud until I exploded. It took me years, yeah… who cares? Live and learn!

Anyhoo, here I am reminding you to let that voice in. That voice you have somewhere in your mind that is telling you to go for it. Listen to it. We all need to do something we are passionate about it, whatever it is. That´s how we can help the world go round!

Let´s get to these happy pictures!

Life and it´s art. Balance and it´s whatever you think it is.

Oh the wonderful things we create

Let´s get to it:

This lil buddy

And see, we all fall down and get back up

Last one

So, sugar pie, what is your voice telling you? What do you want to let in? It´s time to slow down, breathe and remember what makes you happy. Remember that the rush of it all makes no sense if you don´t know where you are running to. The moment you let yourself in is the first step of knowing that there is a better way to make your life happier.

Happy thoughts, happy trails and get to it! Follow your passion.

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Thanks for the read,

The Always Believer

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