Let´s Fly Together!

Hey there my beloved Team Flyer!!

How are you doing this mid-week? Are you ready for the last pushes for the week to head over to the amazing weekend heading your way?

Come on, whether it is that you are working or relaxing beach side, smile and keep that chin up. Read Hopping on Mount. Rushmore?  and anything else under Motivational Vibe to cheer you up some more…

Now, what´s all this about flying together?

I wanted to remind you that June is around the corner… okay, okay, still a month away, yet did you see April fly by? I sure did and enjoyed it to the max! Getting sidetracked here, back to it!

Starting June, we have got the new segments rolling in and we want you to get as excited as we are!!

Let´s recap about it!

#TruthTuesdays : All about saying what is on your mind, all about being the real you, all about embracing who you are exactly who you are…. vent, say what you got and let the world know in our #TruthTuesdays


#ThankYouThursdays : What are you thankful for? Who do you want to thank? Let us know and let the whole word know too. Now, you’ve got a cool way of showing the ones you how you feel in #ThankYouThursdays


#SorryNotSorry : Are you saying sorry too much? Stop apologizing for being who you are. Brush off the little things and tell us what are you #sorrynotsorry about!


And of course #quoteme section! If you came across a sentence, a quote, an image … that you loved,#quoteme! Yup, show me that sentence you loved in this area. I want to know what get your mind inspired and happy. So, hit me up with your feedback!

I’ve been getting more emails from you all being interested in participating. You can participate as many times as you like and in as many as you like too. I am very excited to share all this with you!

As you know, all I want is to make the world a better place so with all my love and passion, these segments started. Hop on and let´s fly together.

To all those already participating, thank you! Thank you very much for all your love and support! Keep them coming and keep spreading the love!

The Always Believer



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