Let´s go there, just for a bit


Let’s go there, let’s do this…. one, two, three: vent!

Yup, we all need it from time to time, yup, we all need to let loose and speak what is on our mind.

Pet Peeves: (in no particular order)

1) Being late:

For all of those who know me and don’t, I am extremely punctual. Heck, I am the type of girl that comes in 10 mins early for anything and everything. The same one that knows if she is arriving five minutes late, she will write desperately and be sorry for arriving five minutes late. This is something I can’t avoid and don’t want to… why would I? It is who I am. Okay, on that account, if being late is who you are, then I won´t be saying much more.

Without regard to that, once in a while, I get all tongue-tied and twisted when someone is late. Now, my friends know to be on time with me, as much as they can. Then, when I met someone who is always late,  each and every time, I can’t help to let it get on my nerves. I am calm person, so it’s not like I will yell up all in their face, it is just that I will let them know. Also understanding that people are the way they are too. If you are always late, you’ve got to let the other person know and understand that time, overall, is precious.

You see, I’ve got a few friends who sometimes show an hour late… When I am waiting for them out by the mall, out by the bar, out somewhere, I could easily be spending that time doing something else that is as useful as hanging out. I am busy woman who needs all the free time she can get. On top of that, don’t go complaining after that I can’t give you more time. Not that I’ve got friends who do this all the time, it does happen. And we do talk about it.

And let’s not get into: Flakes! (had to cross that word out because that is how much I don´t dig having them in my life) People that cancel plans constantly. I just don’t bother with them anymore, one can only give so much to get nothing in return.

All in all, please respect people’s time, it is okay to be late, it is okay to be who you are. Just let people know with time and try to adapt yourself a bit more to schedules. Please.

2) People who eat with their mouths open/ always shake their leg/small constant habits

Not that I know any, nor see many of them, I know how annoying this can be. Please eat with your mouth closed. Please stop moving your leg. There are things you can’t stop from doing… I do know this, but for the sake of venting, just give it a try. Won’t go on further with this because enough said.
3) Using your speaker or playing your music out loud through your phone in public areas or at work.

Come on, people. Be respectful of the common space. Seriously, we don’t all need to hear your conversation nor know why kind of music you are into. Why would you do such a thing when there is such a wide range of headphones available? Yes, if you are at home, do what you please. Just remember, you aren’t the only person in the world. We do love saying to do what you love, we do stand by it because it’s cool and all, meanwhile doing so, respect others as well.

4) When people take 20 napkins, use one, to then throw them all away.

Talking about respect, be respectful to the environment. Use only what you need to choose. Use just what you need. No matter where you are. And another thing, clean up after yourself too. No one likes looking at dirty table, let alone, having to sit in one.

Resources, people. Get with the program.

5) People who use the word “gay” to mean “lame”.

Come on, people. Once again, this is all about respect. Use your words correctly. There is no need to associate one word with another one, specially when they have nothing to do with one another. Let them be and if you want to say something is lame, use the following: disappointing, inadequate, no good, not up to par, unacceptable, unsuitable, distressing… just to name a few. Look it up!

Okay, vent is out. Just a few things that can get on my nerves and a lot of my friends too… We just agree that we need and want to be as respectful as possible with the people and environment around us. What are some of your pet peeves?

Vent with us! Leave a comment below or share your point of view in the #GoDoFly section!

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