Life is a carnival!


Hello Lovely Partygoers!

Today is a special treat I decided to pencil in because life told me so.

Exactly, as most places around the world, it the end of Mardi Gras 2014. It has been a couple of weeks or more preparing for me at least. As most of you know, I work with children. Meaning hello costumes and events to prepare. It has been an extra work load preparing everything since it is a big holiday here. At school, we have costume every day, ongoing parades, parties, concerts and hot chocolate gatherings. Not only that, I love getting dressed up and being next to one of the biggest places where they celebrate this holiday, I knew I had to go.

Now, not only I want to share some great party pics, as much as I share with you other personal things, this one has double purpose.

Going out, being with the kids, meeting new people, listening to Samba beats over and over again… tis is life. It is insane that there is so much happiness in one place all together. So much party, so much smiles all around. I have always loved this for many reasons. It is a better version of New Year’s. It last for a week or more. A full week of just being silly, being more free and being more cheerful. Just because!

Not only with the kids who felt more free, but the adults. My oh my, each year is the same and it is a sight to see. Guess the costume makes you act more free and fresh. Because any other night of the year, people would just be strangers and if someone came into your personal party hut, you would make sure to stop them before they thought about it twice.

It is a wonder, right?  I know that there are many big bad things out there in the world that we do have to attend to and defend. Yet, if you are here in this page is because you want to be filled with motivational posts, deep real stories, happy quotes and more things along the line.

So, to this I must add: Yes, we have to be careful with what we share, with where we go and all that. However, couldn’t we hang on more times throughout the year to let loose and be more ourselves. The people who I saw these days were full of love and smiles. People stopped me in the street to take pictures with me and I did the same. Costumes that were amazing, people who were all laughter. Meeting strangers and dancing till dawn. Even though we still have to be careful in this setting and in any, couldn’t we just be more ourselves the rest of the year too?

Life IS a carnival. One of my all time favorites, Celia Cruz is right! (La vida es un carnaval) Why? Not only the fact that every day we put on a mask of some sort to protect ourselves. Mainly the fact that every day we are alive once more day to experience a million amazing things hence we should celebrate that we are alive! Life is meant to be a party, live and learn, move forward and live it as happy as possible.


Now, without further ado, Mardi Gras 2014 pictures as promised:

Dancing my life away

What’s the password?

Found my long lost sister: 


A little bit of everything

I am going to eat you: 

A couple of Princesses:

Miss.Piper Chapman from Orange is the New Black 


Is your life a carnival? Do you live life to its fullest?

Remember, be kind to one another, spread good cheer and be free.

Just be You.

Have an amazing March! Till really soon!

The Always Believer

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