Life Reminder

Hey there you!

Long time no see! I know, I know, I’ve been a bit on a hiatus on my part, not willingly leaving you aside, as you know you are my favorite person on Earth.

This year comes in strong and filled with many ideas to turn into reality. As each day passes by, I get more focused and passionate about what I am going after. Yup, I eat, sleep and drink my dream. Now on the real reality of now, I still got to keep my day job to keep me running and going and paying bills, yet for a few months already, I have been trying to change it around and mold it to such a way that I can do the best of both worlds.


I am still on the track, I am still changing and sculpturing my life on my own terms. I have changed my job countless times and since Summer it has also changed three times. I’ve become nervous and full of self-doubt since I love having stability and all this changing was messing with my mind. Be that as it may, as I get rid of those thoughts, I get reminded that this is what your 20s is for, this is what life is.

And this is what I wanted to remind you.

Changes, progress, steps, stones and pushing forward… finding the right place designed just for you. This is my aim, this is how I live my life… At the same time I have learned not to run. You see, I have run away many times before from reality. What does this mean? Due to the fact that I was self brought up, I developed into a person who did things that weren’t meant to be for her age because of survival reasons.  And that lead to be a vicious cycle of running everywhere and running towards a goal that I thought I had to do, just because it was the next “logical” thing on the list.

The past few weeks I have been reminded once again and once and for all (we hope!!) to act my age. In other words, all these job changes, finding what I really want to do, hopping from city to city, is absolutely normal at my age. This is normal, these feelings, these thoughts of insecurity as I take a leap in the dark in every aspect of my life. All this is normal.  As a matter of fact, it is encouraged by all my loved ones. Reminding myself that it is all okay, to slow down, to try it all out and not take life too seriously, least not yet. And in any case that I would be older and still finding my path, that is perfectly okay too.

I mean, after all, what is life but finding yourself and doing something that you love? Some might say that it may be too positive on my behalf, but with all due sincerity, it is true for me. At the end of the day we all do something we love. Just open your eyes and see it.

As for me, I will keep working like the independent woman who I am and do my all to reach my goal. Not always running after something, but still setting a main goal and keeping to it because it is what moves me the most.

Here I am, paving the way towards my dream while I find the right balance and continue learning. Who’s with me?

Let me know, I am all ears to hear from you and your knowledge too!

Ariadna Arredondo

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