Life tips or whatever you want to call them


Welcome beautiful Life Creator!
How are you working on your life? Everything going your way?
Here, let us help!! 
A list of life tips, 27 to be exact, that help you get to where you want to be… Or whatever you want to call it, it is always your call. 
1) Be true to yourself.
2) Find that silver lining, find that positive twist, find that happy line in life.
3) Be stubborn, don’t listen to anyone, not even yourself. In other words, don’t be your own bully, be your own cheerleader. You will be the first one to talk you out of doing anything, something all at once! So, listen to those Yes Moments and make them count. 
4) Leap, take chances, make changes, what have you got to lose?
5) Challenge yourself, as in you don’t work, you don’t eat kind of scenario. You got to work hard for what you want if it’s really what you want. 
6) Scared? That is not a word in your vocabulary. 
7) Be respectful at all times. Respect will come back to you. 
8) If people don’t listen, cut them loose, make yourself heard, do what is in your power for people to hear what you have to say. 
9) Do many things, do all the activities you can, go for it…is a plus in this case. Live the adventure of life!
10) Remember that people are there to help too, know when you can give them some of your work load or just ask for their shoulder to lean on. 
11) Remember on top of everything, you are your own hero. You are your own support base. Leave the more important and hardest work for yourself and build your way up. You have nowhere else to but up and get moving. 
12) When you take a chance, you are on fire. Learn to go with that feeling, to make that rush last and learn from it. 
13) You can’t survive alone, you are part of a community, build your own. 
14) Surround yourself with people who want things as much as you do. Cheer them on, embrace in that power. This energy around you will drive you into getting more what you want and also it feeds you more motivation to keep on going. 
15) Mud? Sweat? Hard work? Sleepless nights? Holding up on your own? Going from place to place? Who fears it? Not you, let it all go. Work hard for what you want to do and where you want to be. If this is your dream, then leap for it and make it work for you. 
16) Remember to embrace life, once in a while, relax and indulge yourself. 
17) Get new goals as often as you can, get one done, add another one, be thirsty for getting to where you want to be. 
18) Be happy with what you got. If this is where you want to be, let it fulfill you. If not, keep on searching and getting there. 
19) Practice, over and over and over and over and over again. Practice. Not to be perfect but to get on top. Practice and be a pro!
20)  Talk about what you are working on but work on more things that you have time to work on them.  Spread the word around and always have extra surprises with you. 
21) Failed 98 times out of 100? Hey, silver lining, you got two out of hundred right. You kept going until you got more things right. At least you tried. 
22) Trying and progressing every day toward your goal is much better than not doing a thing and on top of that, complaining about it. Who has time for that? Try and try again, each day a little bit more. 
23) Don’t be ashamed of wanting more, just know what you want and know that you will get their thanks to risking it and working for it. 
24) The things people say about you? Either good or bad, listen to your heart. If you are doing whatever makes you happy, then that is what counts. That is where the it is. 
25) Other people’s perceptions, point of view, ideas, mindsets are very varied. Stick with what you know, with what you love to do and know where you came from. 
26) Be grateful, that people listen to you, that people take their time to be there, that you are able to share your world with random people who give you a chance. Let them know, show them,  you are here thanks to those people too. 
27) Most of all, be grateful to yourself. Treat yourself with kind and sincere words, be grateful that you are doing what you want to do the most. 
Keep working it!
The Always Believer
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