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Sticking to the Motivational Side of things, let me give you some Happy Pictures! I want to fill you life with a positive outlook and help your day become happier.

A post like this one is like many others. This time around, I want you to share it with someone you love, with someone you know that would appreciate this, with someone who just needs that extra push or in that with anyone you want.

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Let yourself be happy:



Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Stick with who you are and learn to live your life your way, each step of the way.

So, don’t let those people tear you down, be brave enough to stand your ground. After all, the best person you can be is yourself. 

Live every moment to its finest, making the most of what you love to do.

That old friend that you keep thinking of? That old place you have been wanting to re visit? A new one? Get up and go. Get up and call. 

Whatever happens, whatever you go through, keep believing. Keep going, keep going forward, that is the way life goes. Forward. We aren’t getting any younger right? So make the most of it too and learn to be wise.

Love! Love and love again! We may have been heart-broken, we might take our time to get back into the love saddle. But meanwhile, love anyway, love your friends, love your family, love your neighbours, spread the love.

Give it your all! Any activity that you signed up for, any class that you are taking, any job task that you are doing, do it with your heart.

Give it the best you can.

Remember that we are all evolving creatures, we all grow as the days pass and we are allowed to change our mind and preferences. On the other hand, we are who we are. Keeping both in mind, be proud of who you are in every moment. Whether you were different 5 years ago or will change two days from now.

Your life, your decisions, be who you want to be. 

These thoughts exactly:

Dream, believe and do! Yes, I repeat this a lot! It just that it works so well. Go after those dreams in the best way possible. Stay grounded and work hard.

Just do a quick research on life achievers and be amazed.

Food for thought:

Pretty simple:

Have a few more for the road. You hear me talk all the time about all sorts of things. This one is me saying – This one is on you.

Spread the love you want to see. If this made you think, if this made you smile, f this helped you or if you want to help a kind girl spread the love, hit those share buttons. We are being the change we want for this world. We want to make magic happen. Let’s do this.


And for an all time classic and favorite,

Spread the love,

The Always Believer


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