Look in the mirror

Hello darlings!

Looking in the mirror, what do you see? What is it that makes you want to look at it for hours? Is it because we are programmed to look a certain way? Is it because we care what we think about ourselves? Is it because we have nothing better to do?

There are tastes for everything, there are tastes for this and that, from high-class heels to rags. Life is full of extremes and that my friend, is what it is. You lie anywhere in between. After all, being normal or having a normality is overrated. What is normal for a dog is not for a cat… right?

Back to the mirror, why do we spend so many minutes in front of it? Why do some just spend a quick five minutes and that is all? Why? Because they want to, because they can, because their own perspective is important to them. I, for one, would rather spend my day looking at friends and loved ones. I would spend my time looking out the window to see the blue sea, the sky, the trees and even kids playing around in the sand. I would rather spend my day surfing the waves, dancing up a storm, having ice coffee and getting tan under the sun. Instead of spending extra minutes in front of the mirror.


Often, most of us think about the rich and famous. Looking how stylish with their make-up, with their abs, with their oh so pretty life. Don´t get me wrong, I would love to live the high life too, just for the fun of it. But it makes me think of all the times they spend doing their make-up, their outfits and all that jazz. I could have spent my time doing some many other fun activities. It is all part of the glam, all part of the job and after all, thanks to these starts, all the other people around them have jobs that they really enjoy and can make their own dreams come true. So, nothing to say there.

Back to the mirror we go again, why do you spend so many minutes looking at yourself? I have a hunch that it might not all be positive thoughts like ¨I love my body!¨ like ¨Look at my smile!¨ like ¨I look amazing!¨ …. If they are, good for you, keep loving yourself. If they are not, start changing babes. Come on, why waste time telling yourself those awful dead end rehearsed sentences. Whether it is physical or not, so be it. Take those things, write them out and let them go.

Spend your time and money, spend your effort and love, towards something productive and something worthwhile. And if that is looking at yourself in the mirror, then so be it. We respect all kinds of lifestyles, after all, what is normal in our world could turn your world upside down. Hence, we are all different and the same, at the same time.

Have a wonderful time doing whatever you do, keep your head held high and stare away… 🙂

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Till soon,

The Always Believer


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