Looking for success?

Team Flyer, 

Looking for success. Period. Right?

And not only looking for it, finding it as well. And taking advantage, taking the opportunity to play with it, giving it a chance…

How to get there?


What box?

The world tells you where to go, left or right, up or down and you stay in this small box, even medium size box… and that is all. Now, let’ s take that box and shatter it. Sure, we have all read this a billion times… okay, okay, a thousand or a million, notwithstanding you need to realize this on your own and once and for all.

We are supposed to be a certain way, live down a certain path… what for? What is the use? If that is not where you want to be nor want to do, who cares about the rest? In order for you to be successful and to take this opportunity by its hand, you’ ve got to do it your way. Family life, have fun, save a lil money… now, that is a very simple way to live life.

Once you discover a simple little fact> Life is made up of people who were no smarter than you, who had not much more of an idea than you at this moment, they made it up as they went along and we just copied it in an orderly fashion… So the moment you realize you can change it, you can mold it, you can turn it into what you really want … that is when the magic really happens and the box breaks.

What is it that you really want to do? What motivates you? What makes you go?  Because that right there is the main answer to all these questions of how you are going to break from this little system, the same one that you don’t need to follow because what really matters is what you want to do with your life.

Once you learn that in whatever way you that you, you just start making those changes happen and when you see the big picture is when you soon to realize that you have done great things. Make your life yours, it starts with that. Because life as we know it, it is connected with everyone else’s point of view, is every area in your life under your point of view and pleasure?




Passion, baby, passion

Passion is key too. If you have fun with what you are doing, if that is what gets you up in the morning, if that is what motivates you, then that is when you will start seeing that change happen. Now, you see, lots of times you do things just for doing them, you do things just because that is what you are used to, that is the only thing you are willing to do, that is all you want to do because you don’ t feel any motivation nor self-love going your way…

Start changing that.  When was the last time you have done something you have felt truly passionate about? Regardless of the fact if it will change the whole world or not, as long as you start with yourself, that is the best place to start.  Hand in hand with passion comes frequency, consistency, repetition; much like I am doing now. Why? Because that pattern needs to repeat itself in order to do what you love to do the most, in order for you to grow, in order for you to be who you want to be.

Because if you don’t have passion with whatever it is that you are doing, you will just quit and quit and quit again. And honey, that is not the place to be. If you really love something and you want to go get it, you will have that perseverance, you will have that endurance to keep you going and that right there is as fundamental as knowing what you want to do.



Design it for yourself

What that means is that whatever you have in your hands, do it for yourself.  Do it because it makes you happy, because it will make your world a better place, because you are passionate about it, because you really want to make it, build it, have it, whatever…

This also leads to use it as a user would. (nice play on words, isn’t it?) You see, whatever it is that you are thinking; whether it may be opening a bakery, writing a book, building furniture, being a game expert, find new and improved ways to recycle more efficiently, think about how the user is going to feel. This is will get you a closer sense to the more realistic outcome.

Let me put myself as an example> As I build this webpage, this community, this whole universe, I want it to be as user-friendly possible… along the way I have added, changed, deleted, moved, etc. tons of things in it. And so much more to come. On top of that, because I want the more realistic kind of touch, there are things that I’d made sure that stayed the same so you feel like you are always coming back home.  As I started this page, I did do it for myself; to vent, to let go, to learn, to listen, to have some sort of diary, to help myself… and then it became to help others, to spread the word around that we aren’t alone by any means, that we are really are a team and so on and so forth. So here we are.


These are just some reminders, some few keys to success, take it, leave it, do as you please.

Also as important: let us know what tips did you take and what are some of your key tips for success!

More coming your way soon, stay tuned!

The Always Believer

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