Making it count

Welcome fantastic world creator!

How is your day going? Making it count much?

Yup, that is our topic for today!


How much do you make your life count? 

You see, life moves fast. Yes, I know obvious fact. I wanted to remind you today the fact that it moves fast and you got the keys to drive. I am talking about specifically about grabbing life by its wheel and flying off. Work is great and all yet life are those small moments that matter the most!

Here, have a few ideas. 🙂

Go back to nature, take long walks and explore wildlife nearby. If you live in a city, visit the zoo or aquarium. Those animals also need to feel loved!It’s Winter, yes, there is still things you can do!  Let of all this new technology and wrap yourself with nature.

Take an afternoon off, instead of staying at home and watching TV or movie, go to see a friend or family member, just because. And if you are too far away, Skype with them, write them that long letter you’ve been meaning to.

Like arts&crafts? Like Bingo? Like Card games? Video games? Check out in your local community if there are courses, activities or anything of the sort to expand your knowledge of youry and bring in new people in your life!

Be brave! Grab a friend or do it alone. Do that thing you have been wanting to do since forever. Take the guts to take that trip, to kayak or whatever it is that makes you happy.

Be realistic. In your needs, make your money also count. Save up and set up the correct plan for you. You got it! Just need that consistency to do achieve your goals. End result? Checking things off your bucket list.

Go for the change! Want a new tattoo? Want a new hair color? Want something new in your wardrobe? Give yourself a little pick me up. Change it up and just go for it.

Eat ice cream! It doesn’t necessarily have to be ice cream. Just indulge yourself with whatever you want the most, come on, you deserve it. Just live that moment and dig in.

Make it your own! Make every second your own, live up to what you and how  you live your life. If not, change it. Over all, just happy with what you do.

Hang out with kids more. Yes, grab your nieces, nephews, neighbours kids and babysit them. They have more than twice your energy and will wear you out. And also give you great life moments and sometimes even deep life quotes with it.

Do something each day, JUST FOR YOU. You read right, just for you. Whatever it may be, remember that you are the most important person in your life. As long as you are happy, you make the world around you happy.

Darlings, these are just a few that I wanted to share with you. Let me know what other things we need to be reminded of to make each moment count! I am all ears and all eyes on this one. As always, I love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful day beautiful,

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