As I turn the page,

As I come forward,

As I become myself,

I turn to this image.

This image of myself in the mirror,

this image of self-worth,  relief and love.

This same image that drives me crazy

Every other day, every other time.

I look at this image with a constant beat

to see how I have grown, to see how much I have loved.

I see that image staring back at me

Eyes sincere, strong heart and constant smile

That image that makes me lose myself

That image that fuels me to know I can do more

Mixed feelings in this mind, in this heart.

Mixed opinions and change of view

Mixed steps, 3 steps forward, 2 steps back

One step, two-step, now another more

Within this course, this year, this moment

I see this image transforming into my true self

This image that still needs to cry out, vent out,

Still needs to discover and live

This same imagine that is forever learning

And doing each day the best it can.

As I turn the page, to another chapter,

To another book, to another time,

I hold parts of my true self and I search for more

I  have the power to love myself

Right here, right now,

With the turn of the page,

With another step forward

I will and I am.

By: Ariadna Arredondo

(The Always Believer)

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