Mon-Mon-Monday Blues… no more

Let’s get the record straight:

While you are trying to find your own path in life and working in something you really feel like doing, you might be working at a job that feels like a dead end.

That may be true, since you are only human and while you are making your dreams come to life, you got to find ways to make your day to day life be upbeat as well.

Kiss goodbye to Monday Blues and check some of these tips out!

Reset your expectation – Now, before you get up from that comfy bed of yours, think of all the good things this Monday can give you. Yup, think about all the chances that you have today to spark your life even more. You’ve got 1/7 chance to have a bad day, it could be a Wednesday or a Saturday, a Monday does not necessarily have to be it.

So give it a chance and do something to liven it up a bit. Start the day and the week with the right foot and be happy by bringing something extra to your day.

Smile, smile and then smile some more.

While you are preparing coffee, while you are showering, while you are commuting, while you are arriving, keep on smiling. As much as you might dread to go where you are going right now, smiling makes it better. Why? It creates happiness just by diverting those negative vibes. While you are smiling, think of something that makes you happy.

Keep on smiling. And even more so, because as soon as people see you, they will respond more cheerfully and positive. Which will lead to more smiling. Try forcing it at first or watch something that will instantly make you smile and maintain it. Your mood, attitude and vibe will be better, right from the start.


That to do list? Be realistic! Do it on Sunday night and be clear about it.

Try to make your Monday less of a drag by balancing your errands throughout the week. Since Monday is usually the starting the day for most of us, we might have done too much or too little over the weekend, causing Monday to be full of extra errands.

Make a list and within that list, you will categorize it by “must-do” first. And moving forward from that, that will help you take some burden off your hands. Try moving things for the next day and only focus on that is important for today. If you can reschedule something, if you can readjust some things, take advantage of it. You will be happy you did and that way finding a great balance among all your things.

Visualize! Visualize it!

Yup, this one is about using your imagination. Visualize how you want Monday to be. Okay, priorities straight, let’s get going on the daydreaming. Instead of being all negative, as we humans are trained to be, let’s dive into the positive. In other words, look at the following examples:

“I bet I will be late because of all the traffic” – “I can start my day a bit early to beat the traffic.”

“It’s going to be so hard.”- “It’s going to be challenging and I can do it!”

“I have so much work to do!” – “I’ve got plenty to keep me busy all day.”

Whatever stresses you out, whatever it is that you are doing during the day, keep it positive. Think about the result. Yes, it is all related to work or even daily errands, yet think about the outcome. How would you feel at the very end? Amazing, I bet. It was useful to be constant and happy about your tasks in hand. Don’t stress out for small to little reasons, it will all be okay.

You are in control, take Monday by surprise!

You might have slept through the alarm, you might not have had that breakfast you wanted, you missed the metro or simply rushed in the office right after dropping of your kids, these are life tales that you can’t control… On the flip side, you can control how you react to them. Yup, that is all on you. Laugh it off, shake it off, make the best of it…

Get into work and for the first five minutes, watch something you love or search for positive funny images like cats in boots. Accept what you got and move on. Be nice to Monday and Monday will be nice to you.


Wins for Monday!

Every Monday, or every other Monday, or every Monday you can…. find a time to write down all the good things that happened to you on a Monday. If you got all your work done, write it down. If you got to work and the temperature was just right, write it down. If you had a win at life in general on a Monday, write it down.

You can write it down on a piece of paper and stick it on your desk, you can write it down on pieces of papers and stick it in a jar, to then read it in the future, you send yourself an email… anyway you want it, write it down.

And let it come as a reminder that Monday is just like any other day, that Monday can be all good, all bad, or anything else in between. And if it really was bad, then indulge yourself by reading your favourite book, writing in your journal, dancing out to music or whatever it may be.


The Always Believer


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