My Way to the Supermarket

My way to the supermarket

I am going to tell you how to get to my nearest supermarket. First of all, I leave my house,  turn to the right and at the end of that street, turn again to the right. At the end of that short street, following the main road, I turn to the left. Where I see a big hill, that first goes down to then go up. As I walk along side it, I look over to my left and see the beautiful sea from afar. I see the amazing green fields between them and some small land full of crops. I could feel the fresh breeze letting me smell a bit of the ocean, it just a ten minute walk. I continue walking up the hill and into this small part of town and right in the middle of the buildings, we can see the dollar store, pet shop, pharmacy and ah yes, our beloved supermarket. It´s just about ten minutes walking distance from my house, this closest one that is.

I can tell you about a bigger one where I have to go by car or hop on the train. If I´m in the city, I usually do get a few things here and there but if I need a quick fix, just a ten minute walk around the block, so they say.


Why am I telling you this?

Think of your way to the supermarket, think on how long it takes and what do you see. My way is pretty darn good, due to the view of the sea mainly, of course. But mainly, seeing and appreciating whatever is around me. I take my time knowing that an ¨everyday¨ task such as going to the supermarket can be tedious for some, for me it is a blessing. Think about the fact that you are able to buy all that you need.  I surround myself of positive thoughts and know that everything I am about to buy has been put there to facilitate my life. That is a wonderful thought! Plus, all the things that I am about to buy are my choice. I want all these things and I have the power to enjoy them.


Think of when you go to the shopping mall, when you head home after work, when you to pick up the kids,when you take your dog for a walk, when you go to your brother´s play or your sister´s game, all these things are made possible thanks to you. You have these people in your life because they love you. You have these options near you because we are all the same.


When it comes down to it, everything around us is created by a person, such as you and me. (and the thought of knowing that everything is possible comes alive again!) So, when I arrive to the supermarket and pick my products being as selective as I want to be, I am thankful that someone out there as the job of bringing this closer to my house. I am happy that someone like me is doing a job to help me make my life better. And I think once more, how I am there to help someone´s life, whether because I am shopping in their store, whether because I am doing something valuable with my life to continue helping people out.




As I go back home from the supermarket, I stop again to see the sea. This made me think of everything around me this instant, the solid idea that what I am writing will be seen by you and the human race made that possible. As I´m there, I  quickly think, I quickly acknowledge the following.  I am thankful for what I got, I am thankful for what is around me, either nature or man-made, I am thankful for being fully alive.

How is your way to the supermarket? How can you relate to this feeling?

Let me know! I am happy to know about your stories. Always.

Have a great ride there and anywhere,

The Always Believer

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