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Now, looky here you, we´ve talked about perspective and how that affects everything you do.

It´s time to open the subject of negativity. It surrounds us more than we think! It is something that we seem we can´t escape from. Whether because is that person that we know that always seems to complain about everything or because that day you were off your A-Game. It seems that it all goes back to being negative and doing everything backwards from that point on.


Life may bring you all sorts of ball games, it might just give you a curve ball or a steady home runner, whatever it is, your way of receiving it is what counts. Being negative is something that is given in this world, we see it all around. Why do you want to bring more to it? The slightest angry thought that you have can be the first step into depression even. It is a downhill slope that seems like you have to ride just because once you start it, that´s it.



Now, that is where you are wrong darling. I mean, come on, yes it sucks that you got stuck without gasoline in the middle of the highway or that you just missed your train back home because you took five minutes longer than you were supposed to. What are you going to do?  You have the option to complain, yell and cry. While you do all that, why good are you doing to get out of the situation? None, right? Of course, we both get that right now. But when we are in that moment, when we are right there in the heat of the moment, how do you react?



It´s like if you see that 2-year-old in the middle of the supermarket that is on the floor trying to yell as much as they can to get what they want…. what good will that do? Does that help the problem? Will they get what they want that way? In this case that depends on their parents, but when it comes to yourself, it depends on you. Any negative attitude, any break out, it all depends on you. It could come in many ways, from the examples before the moment that you are waiting in line for a taxi and someone cuts you off and at that moment you wish them the worst…. Honey, something as ¨simple¨ as that makes your day go in a more of a negative matter. In all these cases, you are the one who chooses this.



All the times that you´ve wondered ¨Why me?¨ or ¨Why always?¨…. How are you dealing with these issues? What is your immediate reaction? On top of that, all the negative comments that you might come across during the day, why is that? Not everything is out to get you. The day continues the same as any other, it´s that emphasis that you put towards certain things.  If you really stop and look around at all the same things that you do whenever you are stuck in a rut, boom, you get to know yourself more. You get to see that you attract that negativity to your life. By the way you handle things, the way you speak and what you do.

Yes, we all have those days, we all have those moments that is just a twist the wrong way, it´s up to us to turn them into positive. All this is about realizing what you do and knowing it´s in your power to change it. (Tips and positive vibes coming soon and are all around from me, follow along on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for great quotes and advice on staying positive)

Life, all about steps and realizing things. This case is the same. A way of getting from point A to point B and so on and so forth. Turn those negatives into positive. Next time, when someone cuts you off, let it go, don´t waste time thinking negative thoughts, go immediately to a time that you are happy or think about what is the thing that you are going to do that makes you happy…Next time you get stuck in traffic, take advantage of your time and make a list of things you need to buy in the supermarket, think of your where you will plan your next holidays, or a way to surprise someone special in your life… Next time you get stuck without gas anywhere, keep calm and remember that you need to stay that way to do things better and faster.

So come on Mister! Come on Missy! These negative vibes are just killing your mojo, get on the positive train, ride or whatever you want. It all starts with ways to make yourself stay positive.  It´s a great ride to be in, it is a great ride to just let things go, stay calm and keep positive. After all, we all attract things all the time, let´s attract positivity.

Thanks for the read, enjoy the ride and spread the love,

The Always Believer


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