Nervous much?

Hey there my lovely Team Flyer!


How are you? Here we are cruising our way to mid-September and what does that mean for most of us? Back to school! No matter the age, no matter how many years it feels since you have gone back, it must feel like you know someone who is always going back to school…. and hear all about it everywhere.

Now it is your turn to hear it from me. And boy, can I tell you how nervous I am? Nervous and excited and already tired… just kidding, I am looking forward to it. Years later, here I go, giving myself another shot at it. Something that I have been wanting for years, got the guts up to do it. Yes, it is going to be a challenge to tackle work and school for a couple of years, it will be done. More so, it will me very interesting for me what I am going to study, how it all works out and all the doors I will be able to open.

Nervous? Who? Me? Of course… not about failing or anything like that, more nervous in the routine of it all and getting it all pat down. I am going to give it my all,  in each area of my life. And school wise, just the simple glance of all the welcome notes and the whole college website is giving me the smiles an shivers. This is a big step that I can´t believe I am able to take…Furthermore, here we are, days away and I still don´t have anything for school. I got a hand-me-down backpack from my little cousin (she is 11 now and she has gone through more backpacks than me in my whole lifetime) and a pencil case one of my close friends got me from Berlin. And that is all. I still have go shopping and not even that, I have to see what I need.

I don´t know what I need…. I know paper, pens, highlighters, white-out… folders? One for each class? That is way too many to drag around every day…. And that one book that I need? Still haven´t gotten it… I mean come on, I will be prepared for day one and yes it is weird that I am not prepared by now. First of all, it is me and I am usually very well prepared for everything well ahead of time and second of time, this is school, I should be wanting to buy all these things right away. And oh yeah, a planner! It has to be a practical and cute.. and cheap, yes… I am a full on student, even if I am working part time, all that goes to bills meaning I am just like rest of college students, getting the real noodle-eating, Netflix for entertainment, only free-concert experience… Hey, I am just like the rest of you, no matter if I have been working hard all my life, my expenses are plenty and I have enjoyed tons of life´s  moments.

In all fairness, I did have a rocking summer, one in which I have enjoyed every single second of it to the max and that has kept me away from my new responsibility and life changing goal. .  On a bigger note, I am barely home as well. I mean come on, I live in a place close enough to heaven meaning that I am able to spend countless minutes outside playing sports and taking up nature in its best form. Even during the week, I just go to work and the rest, out the door the moment clock strikes time to go. This week, I have had countless sleepovers, well not countless for those who keep up with in social media… bed till late and sports during the day.

Now that I am landing,starting nowish and definitely next week… I am now a bit more flabbergasted, no doubt.

Thoughts going through my mind: My classmates? And projects? What time will I have? Will I understand everything? Will my body keep up to sleeping 5/6 hours per night and still learn and be able to work at work? All. So. New. All. So. Fun.

Okay…. so that is was my back to school special… More rants and updates to come in general over here. Yet, you can always hit my social media, it is always on fire. You will get plenty of Instagram Stories from my day… maybe even on Snapchat… time is of the essence and Instagram Stories is really covering it all to the fullest. And are just plain old fun!

On another note, I am still collaborating under The Always Believer name to raise money for Nepal and now, leading to Peru and Bolivia. Currently, also volunteering with foster care children of all ages. If you know any way to help or reach out or want to share your story, feel free to contact me. I´d love to hear all about it and even share your story for #GoDoFly on Wednesdays.

Tell me how is your back to class days going, whether it is you, your niece, your grandson, your neighbor, or even your partner!

Have the most wonderful day!

The Always Believer

PS: It is official, my stomach is tossing and turning and it is nothing I ate. Last night  I couldn´t fall asleep thinking about the changes that were happening in a week´s time… my oh my…. I am feeling this school thrill!



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