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New November

Dear Team Flyer,

Can you feel it? Can you see it in the air? The last two months of this century are here and my, oh, my… we are all in for novelties and moving forward. We are still in Fall, so we are seeing new November leaves fall to the ground, we are still learning to let go and get cozy.

This is a New November for me. I know, I know, we talk about Summer Lessons a lot, yet we want to make sure you are all caught up! So after you are all caught up, (and taking it right to the beginning to Sweet Summer) let’s go to the the novelties of this November.

New because hello New England. This means colder weather and new traditions are saying hello even more. Just had Halloween traditions that rocked my world. From pumpkin carving to corn mazes, from apple crust to dressing up. I adore every moment of October festivities. That is where I really saw the difference of something new and something exciting.

Something that I can get used to! This whole new lifestyle is a family based one too. Everything that I did in October was with family. And that is brand new for me! This New November is also new because of… well, this. Family. With this month comes Thanksgiving, comes the entry of more family based traditions and festivities.

How do I feel about it? Ever since we moved here, I’ve always been down for spending time with the family. Now, that statement aside, I went from never seeing them to spending tons tons tons of time with them. And let me inform you that it went from never seeing my blood related family to seeing my husband’s family. Family. Still family. And it is insane. I am extremely independent, first job at 13, moved out at 17 and so on and so forth from there. I love to travel and move on my own, whereas it could be a city or from town to town. I adore seeing shops, people and the sea.

To, well, having to depend on everyone to get by and do things. And I do mean everyone. The lack of car meant lack of transportation. The lack of freedom, it felt like. I mean, no matter what I wanted to do, I always had to ask someone for a ride, look at all sort of ways to get there and back and well, it really gets to a person. This is still going to be going on for a while longer as we are getting on our feet.

I knew this before coming in. It didn’t matter though, because I still got stress bubbles with it. Adding to this, my hypothyroidism was acting up a bit and I had to do all I could to calm myself down. Adding to the new everything. The past couple weeks, probably month and something by now, have been adaption, letting go and taking it all in. Seriously, when you whole world changes, what else can you do?

I’ve day where it was overwhelming, where it was heaven and where I didn’t’ feel like talking to anyone. Luckily, I caught any signs of depression or anxiety before they took over. I started the gym more constantly, meditation on a regular basis and diving in. The first two are the easiest to be honest.

Diving in? Oh my gosh. I need to search within myself to see what is wrong, what is better and what can be helped and fixed. There are many days where that question wasn’t really answered since I didn’t know. Through talking to myself and researching more, I figured that the inner change I was going through was making me get nightmares and stress bubbles as some sort of signs. I listened. I understood. And now every day it really depends on me talking to myself kinder, better and know that everything is okay. We have been on survival mode for so long, we have taken care of everything so long, we have really have made every life change possible that it something that moves us. Right now, all we need from ourselves is stillness. All I need is stillness. And acceptance that this New November is exactly where I need to be.

As well as patience, since a lot of the ongoing changes don’t fully depend on me. You see, we are waiting for paperwork, we are saving to get a car, we are pending on others to get some errands done, etc. And it went from having control of my life to not having control at all. This made me fret beyond words. After a few meditations and life talks, I come to realize that I need to let it be. I can control many other things, like how I feel, how I take care of myself and grow as a person. Granted, being still is not something you would describe be as. I am learning as I type this, one day at a time. One thing at a time. One step at a time.

New November will bring me more calmness, more goals done, more family time and most of all, more self-love and care. I know big things are coming for the page and my career, I know the weather will change in comparison to everything I was used to, I know that I will get have more founded family traditions and I will get better. Another month, another journey, another step forward into this new life that I am making my own.

If you want to know more about my methods, let me know too!

Do you have new November novelties? What is your favorite Fall tradition?Always love to hear from you!


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