New Year is up and running, let´s get those goals in check!

Team Flyer!
How is it going?

How are the first few weeks of the year coming along? I bet more dazzling and full of work than ever… Nonetheless, we sure want to make sure that your goals and check list are in the right place.

How can we help? By giving you a set list of ideas on how to keep it on track!


Are you being realistic?

Sure, we all want to see ourselves right at the finish line, however my darling, we need to take the thousands or at least the three giant leaps before getting there… in other words, be sure to pace yourself to your reality. Push yourself forward, take another step tomorrow yet don´t think you will get to the finish line tomorrow. Just put your feet on the ground, take it easy and be sure to stick to it!


Set those goals and post them!

Not on a page, not to your friend… to yourself, on your mirror, on your work pad, on your fridge, on your door… wherever you can see them on a regular basis. You can allow yourself to set these goals, set a date and push yourself once more to reach them by motivating yourself day to day. Setting goals will make you move forward with your overall project or whatever it is that you doing since it will keep you concentrated and wanting more each time.


Don´t be so hard on yourself!


We are human beings, we rise, we fall, we begin again and get back up… Sometimes we have to put goals on hold, on pause, on standby, no matter how much we don´t want to… don´t let that discourage you, you are you and you are able to take a break from things and start back again later. There are always opportunities to keep on going! Keep that work up and take it easy on yourself as well.


Write it down!

As we always say, it is better to not only say your goals to oneself, it is even better to see it in writing! Yup, so jot it down, write it up, much like before, post it somewhere you will see it. When you see your goal in words, you are also able to see it way more clearly. Go for it!


And of course,


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