All New, All unseen

All bright, all full of light

All laughs, all smiles,

All first choices, all first tries

All first rush, all first feeling

Everything that surrounds me is new

A new starlight, a new sunrise

A new way to shine, a new way to conquer

The thought of being way over your head

The thought of it all being too much

Quickly washed away by the new ray of light

Brand new passion lit up inside

A new ray of hope, this year, this time, this day, this moment

A fresh new start

Everything is new, everything is real

Everything is key, everything is in its place

This new light has come over me

This bright sunshine

Up again, up high

Hello you

Hello New

A fresh new start once again



By: Ariadna Arredondo

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  1. It’s a poem or, is it a song?
    It’s both… and beyond…
    It’s inspirational!
    It’s bits of you
    all over the World!
    That old New You!
    The writer, the blogger,
    the relentless motivator
    Words in place, and
    great pace in words:
    Just fantastic …
    Is what after reading it,
    I’ve got to say!
    It’s wonderful…it’s so You!

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