New Month, New you ….

New month, new you….

Whether you are thinking about travelling opportunities or running an extra mile this year, you’ve got many months again to change into someone you want to be. With new generations being completely unlike any other from the past, we don’t usually stay in one place. All this means that we are in the ongoing hunt for growth. Talking about a professional lifestyle, you can either see yourself with a raise, a change of pace or a brand new career field.

If you are happy with what you do or if you aren’t, it’s always useful to keep an eye on the following words of advice. We want to see you advance, day in, day out, no matter what part of your life it may be.


Ask yourself the most important questions:

Are you happy with your job?

Do you dream about working somewhere else?

If there is a change in your job situation, what is it?

Be objective, be honest, be kind and take a step forward. Take your time to answer these questions, let it be part of your growing journey. Take a chance, write it down and be clear with what you want. Discover what you need to get there.


Make small term goals, either for every 15 days or a month.

Whether you are or aren’t fully satisfied with your current job, it does help to have something extra on the side. Turn these hobbies into goals, turn these passions of yours into something you are proud of within the next few months. Set these goals to your best standards and stick to them. Write them, post them, tell the world and most of all, tell yourself and let yourself know you are able to discipline yourself into doing so.

Organizing your room, learning a new language, keeping in touch with friends, saving up to travel, check out new places around town… all these aspirations will give you time and space for growth. Motivating you to a better place for you, a place that you have created by achieving those goals, one at a time.

Go ahead and call!

Talk to that person that you always wanted to talk to. Reach out to them for advice, a good conversation or just to get out of your shell. You’ve already got the no, go for the yes. Either one person or twenty, be brave and make the call. You never know what doors it may lead you to and best of all, if that person is on the same path you want in a professional or personal level, they will encourage you just by talking to them. Try and do.

Be sure to mingle as much as you can too. Keep a balance between both yet be sure to see the world under a different light. Either in a professional or social environment, find out the coolest events that you are interested in. Stay connected and know how to network.



Dazzle yourself!

Most of us are creatures of habit, mainly because it easy to fall into routines. By making small changes in your daily life, you are able to get your day off to another mood and opportunities. From changing your route to work, taking your headphones off while walking the dog, taking a class, volunteering, listening to new pod casts while you shower or anything else that you can think of, do it. This is expand your horizons, one day at a time.

Be organized!

Organizing your week ahead of time can help your day be calmer as you are also able to see things more clearly. By doing something so simple as jotting down what’s new for your upcoming week, you are more likely to achieve everything you have in mind. And not overbook yourself into a state of stress. “Check your calendar” is a savvy thing to say that makes you feel like a boss too. Do it!

Three letters, one word: Ask.

One of the most important words to keep in mind. It is intimidating to ask for something that you want, as in information and that extra hand you need so much. Ask for things that you know you deserve, from paychecks to promotions, from an extra piece of advice to company favors. This is business. You’ve got to be brave and speak up. By being dedicated at what you do, by having that take-charge vibe it needs and knowing what is right, people will take you seriously. Ask.

These tidbits of advice are for you to better your life, so that you are able to do what you really want to do, day in, day out. Push yourself, work hard, have that drive, be fired up and stand tall and proud. Let us know what was the most useful piece of advice for you and if we need to add any more! Thanks for helping out!

The Always Believer

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