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Here, at The Always Believer, we wanted to fill you in on the novelties.

A quick look-see on what is up and happening.


First of all, new schedules! We present to you the following:

Monday- Motivational Vibes

Wednesday– #GoDoFly

Friday-The Always Believer/Once upon a time

Saturday– Tips

Last Sunday of each month– Opinion Space

Check out the categories section for more info on each one.



Moving on:

#GoDoFly movement: We want to give a voice out there to people who have been through tough times and were able come out it with positive outlook. Or are going through it now and want to inspire others in any way possible.

We participate with true stories around the world about overcoming obstacles and dealing through it all. It is brand new awaiting new stories and support. Join us! If you know or have an interesting story about getting through a difficult phase in your live, let us know.

For more info, click here:


Quote me!: Is there a quote you read that you love? Is there a sentence that spoke to you more? Is there even a whole paragraph? Select it and paste it in this section-

We want to know your opinion and what gave you a smile on your face!


Lastly, we want to ensure you the best experience possible. We are growing as we go. As we advance adding more thing to the page, we will keep informing you to the best of our abilities. Join us in all the social media, links down below!


Any thoughts, questions and/or comments, feel free to write to: or inbox it to our Facebook Page.

We will be happy to write back as soon as we can.


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Join us as we make this world a much happier place. 🙂 #GoDoFly

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