No, Thank you

Why is it hard for some people to say No?

It is just a word, it is a simple short word that states that something you don´t want to do, that is for that matter. That´s all.

I think it is difficult for people to say no because we want to please all the time, there is something about us that wants to make people happy. Always. And on top of that, we make matters worse by leaving our own personal happiness aside in order to please others.

It´s insane for that to happen, it´s insane to put someone else´s happiness on top of our own. I am not saying let´s all be selfish, no extremes please. However, the reality of what I want to say is that I want you to learn to say No.

No, thank you. 

I figure that everything is an automatic act, we come to realize that we have to say yes more than we want to say yes. Either because we think about what the other person has got to say or because we want to be considered a certain way. These are all signs of disbelief of your true self. I can imagine you saying yes to your sister, your neighbor, your boss and of course your best friend. You built your life doing all these activities or even favors that  eventually turn your life into everyone´s else life and lose track of your own. You also deserve the right and respect of saying no to something.

You may not always want to be the helping hand, not because you aren´t nice but just because you need time to do something you want. Yes, sure, it´s nice to be helpful in your roomate´s next move or even bake cookies for the next football game.  And yes, that might mean to take time out of your own personal things, either your love for knitting, your love for watching reruns of Gossip Girl or your time to practice that new yoga position…

So, let´s get going, let´s get cracking, let´s get on it… Let´s learn to say

No, thank you. No, in general. In the nicest way possible, in the best way you can, it is the healthiest thing you can do.

You know it, I know it, we all know you need some TLC time just for you. Just because once in a while you say No, doesn´t mean people will love you less, they will probably love you more because you were honest with them and you finally listened to your needs. This is something that I learned along the way, this is something that is very important to me since I discovered to have me time. And let me tell you, it´s glorious!

Imagine your week, being as usual, busy and happy doing what you have to do, what you need to do and at some point, doing something you want to do! That is something truly important and a special. I recommend it. Period.

It´s easy to write something like this out and I can be much more technical on feelings and how they work. I can tell you another life experience and I can probably tell you recent life changes made when I just listened to myself and my needs. And I can even enter what it means to say no in difficult situations, either social or on a personal level.

But really darling, my point of this short article piece is for you to say No,thank you and listen to yourself. And it is as simple as that.

Tell me, how do you say No? Or have you thought about more you  time?

You know it kid, any questions, comments or thoughts, drop a beat!

Thanks for the read, dear world creator… you are amazing, remember that too! Stay posted for more cool quotes and much more love.

The Always Believer

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