Not sure if I can be fully positive, however, I can be honest

Hello Team Flyer!

How are you all doing? How did your August start? Okay, okay… let me update you a bit. These past few weeks have been a slow roller-coaster of never-ending stressful days to sweet memory making moments. As you the title reads, I am not fully positive in life yet. It has been a slow recovery.

Honesty is the best policy. And here I am once again to spill my guts out to you, just as I want to be seen and the best way I can. As I opened myself up to you, I did the same with friends. I cried, screamed, stressed out and broke down. Not all that I wanted, howbeit, it was a start. It was a good start into something I need to do, into something that needed to happen. 

In order for me to grow, in order for me to reach out and learn more about myself, my world needed to come to a halt. And since the world doesn´t stop, I needed to make my world stop. Coincidentally, I had my only holidays a year during this time. 8 days to escape and disconnect. And my oh my, I sure did that. I had a lovely week in the sea, walking around new places and most of all, my phone on airplane mode. It did do the trick to calm me down for a while, but not to the fullest. Since 8 days a year is not enough.

Another thing I must mention is that I am always working. I haven´t had a holiday longer than a week for many years now and usually I get one or two a year. Yes, I feel blessed because I always had a job and my skills kept growing. On the contrary, my world moves fast. It is always on the go. And by now, I just keep jumping from one place to another. Conclusion? Not good, because even though I do lean towards something I love to do, it isn´t exactly what I want to do and don´t give myself time to really think about what I am doing.

This is a cycle that I want to stop in the best way possible, all the same, it is looking like after this job, I will go directly to another one. This weight and many others have pushed me down further than usual. Leaving me crushed, confused and lonely. Making me realize that I am frustrated and stressed, much more than I came to believe. You see, I love to give, I love to help others and I love to make people happy… Along the way, both professionally and personally, I forgot about myself. And that is a big no-no.



Hence leaving me on the ground, with a million of bricks on top me and not wanting to do anything else in life. So now? I don´t know, still not back yet, still struggling with decisions and anxiety moments. I am maintaining as much as my happiness as I can, sadness seems to take over from time to time… Sadness is also good in life, it helps us reach out to others and let them know we need them, that being said, I want happiness to take over.


First is me, then it´s me and third it is me again. First I must love myself to spread love across the world.


Opening up, letting my soul be naked, letting go – – – some of my life´s biggest lessons. As I write to you today for Motivational Monday and even The Always Believer, I want to let you know that life has its ups and downs. It might last a year or a day, it might be forever… we need to remember that it is our choice. It is our life. We deserve to be happy. I, for one, am not ending my story here. You know me, up and ready to continue. It is all in our heads, because after all, we can all achieve what we really want right?

If not, just look at the people around you… open your eyes wide and see all that they do… ¨I love what I do¨ – every succesful person out there. Why? Because it is possible. How? Because they got up and work for their dreams.



In other words, #GoDoFly

Thank you all for your kind words and advice, thank  you for always supporting through hard times and good times, thank you for sharing. I really hope this reaches you in the best way possible in order for you to keep spreading the love. 

Keep loving,

The Always Believer

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