Nothing as it was before

Welcome to a Wonderful Friday,

Let’s get real again. 

The past few months have been big for me, as you know by now, tons of changes in my professional life and now even more so in my personal one.

For starters, moving to a whole city, indulging myself in a brand new community and work method. Moving on, a new break out moment for reminding me to let go and move on and with that the founding of my page.

I came out recently. In huge writing, in public and in my best ability. Man, was I scared of pressing that publish button, that simple button to share to the rest of the world. Not only affecting close people near by but also letting a big part of myself go. I needed to do this. 

There was so many awful things that people did to me and then, I did to myself. There was a time where I cried myself to sleep at night, I barely ate, a time that I didn’t want to go on. There were times that I had huge unresolved issues towards the people who put me in this world. I felt unwanted, betrayed, worthless, like I had to change all of who I was and this led me to go into rough places.

After months and years of recovery, it has been a long and bumpy road to get to where I am right now. Seriously, it has taken me a lot of friends, phycology support, random jobs, different cities and a lot more of self-courage to get over everything. I have let go of betrayals, feeling left out, feeling left over, suicidal thoughts, self-harm and words of hate.

I write these words today because I am able to say them out loud. I am able to know that you are sitting or standing there reading this, this stranger who I might never know, this random person that our lives crossed for some reason. And as I know this, I also know that I feel peace. I don’t mind you knowing this, reading this or even sharing this. Why? Because I came here to stand on my own and say what is on my mind. It is risky writing your personal thoughts and past adventures online, it is risky because your heart and ego get involved (and maybe even hurt) along the way. This leads to more self-doubt. Yet……………………..

I did it. I click on the publish button day after day because you are important to me. Yes, kind stranger who reads me. You are important to me because you are there. Because you care. After years of feeling alone and then finding good-hearted people in my life, I have learnt that what makes me the happiest is sharing my stories. Not only as a story-teller but as a helping hand. These lines that I write telling you that there is a way out is all based on true story. That is what I want to preserve, something so authentic that it makes you believe a little more in a positive life. I want to push you to your goal, I want to help you climb another mountain, I want to motivate you to do something new and get better day by day. Just because you want to, just because you let me in. Another benefit, apart from helping another person going through the same, is that every time I write, I do it for me. I do it to let go.

As you see my life now is nothing as it was before.

You see my story now, you see how I am. This is who I want to be, this is who I am. I bring to you this page, these motivational posts, these words of self-help because I am a much better place.

I want you to believe in me as I believed in myself for many years. Thanks to all that, I am here today. I have let the past go and still polishing that off. I feel great sharing this and what is even better, I am a life coach today. That’s right, my story is helping others. And the way I created my life right now is a reminder to you that anything is possible. Anything at all. That is why I believe in you. That is why I want you to believe and trust in me, in us, because you see a person who has struggled and overcome. That is why I want you to feel welcome, supported and most of all loved for exactly who you are.

There is more of my story coming, there are always new things brewing over here. I am happy to present to you #GoDoFly every Wednesday. Check it out! And share your story too!

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Thanks for the love,

The Always Believer








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