Now listen here!


Listen here!

Right now, right here… read up.

We wanted to point out the beauty of self-love. Yeah, you get a lot of this all around, you get to a point of thinking this is too much or too up in the air for you…. we want you to focus on what you actually have.

What are we trying to say here? Simple. Check yourself out first.

Go on, get a list, get a mirror, get some me time in your schedule. It is time to stop and realize what you have got, what you have become and how valuable you are to those around you. Yes, ma’am… it is all about how you feel with yourself. Yes, sir… it is all about how treat yourself.

We get caught up on the low points of life, it is so much easier to take ourselves down then see what we have gained. Yes, it also means that we are not selfish nor superficial. Yet, this is a reality check for you.

What have you done lately to better yourself? What is something that you need to have a round of applause for? Life singles out great success, like graduation, wedding, new job, promotion, new children and retirement…. yet what about the small things? They count to. Your five pounds you took off, you quit smoking/drinking, you left a bad relationship, you took a leap and moved to another country, you helped your neighbour just because, you ran a marathon, you learnt a new skill, etc…. all these small things, you have to give yourself credit for.

And what is more to this…. your personality traits. Give yourself props if you are cheerful all the time, if you are realistic and still going after your goal, if you are honest at all times, if you are always on time, if you are always there for friends, if you are willing to stay later with the kids or at work to prep more, if you are willing to try new things… all these things that we do and we skim over, check them out.

So, listen up and read up. Get a chance to get to know yourself a bit more, remember how awesome you are and the things you want to improve. No self-hate here, just someway, somehow, you are making it work. Take that extra push, take that extra step.

We believe in you!

The Always Believer


And then I'm like Who cares I'm awesome



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  1. Great post! I talk about this same thing fairly frequently. We’ll compliment a friend for achieving a goal, but leave ourselves off of the congratulations list. I think it’s important for us to self-compliment! I wrote about something similar in my post yesterday ( Love your domain name and this was a great intro article. Will be checking around! Have an amazing day!!

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