Oct- to – be

Ought to be… October!

Fresh new fall leaves, a light breeze or two, hoodies lining up in my closet, long sleeve dresses, cozy pj´s, boot´s a calling….

Can you believe it? It is the tenth month of the year and it has gone by in about a blink of an eye. As I told you last week, this year has been all about the progress of out with the old and unwanted, not having any more empty spaces and filling up those lifetime moments with precious memories and new adventures. All in all, living a dream, a dream that I was able to put into reality.

As these last few weeks strolled along, I have realized that no matter if the road gets tougher, I´ll just continue. Then, months after, when new things are arriving, I stop to think about it for a second or two… words start coming out, feelings start coming out and venting even more so. From that moment on, months later, I see things clearer, I let things go and I pick myself up. It is my method of doing things, it is my way of clearing my head. Sometimes it leads to building up, sometimes it just leads to not caring over the little things, it is all about the process within me.

Now, more than before, I´ve got time to dedicate to myself and that is a wonderful feeling. To get my thoughts in order, to work for what I want and to get my point across in everything I do. So my ideas become actions, so my thoughts become words and everything becomes clearer. Because, man, did I have the tendency to scrabble up words…. get a load of that! Now, all that almost done and over with, with a brave new step, with a foot in front of the other, here we go!

Hello thoughts written on a piece of computer screen, hello world!!

Let´s make this happen! Let´s keep showing the world how we shake things off, how we are just being ourselves, how easy things come and go, how we appreciate each moment, how we are able to do this and many more things….

Most of all,

How we Love !!!

Ought to be? Things shouldn´t ought to be one way or another,  things are the way they are…

What are you looking forward the most this October?

Tons of love your way, spread the love,

The Always Believer


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