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What do you think? What are you thinking? The sweet taste of what?? I, for one, am thinking of self-love and inner loving vibes… As the year 2017 came to an end, I´ve reflected upon the changes, the challenges and the twists. I´ve told you all a while back ago and keep reassuring you the same, it is all about knowing yourself and focusing on your own personal goals, when that lines up, everything else lines up. Yup, you know it.

So, here I am, rocking it into a brand new year with that vibe even stronger. Granted my start of the year was completely unexpected. You see, talking one to one, past loves and friendships showed their real colors and intentions to then causing various scenes in just one night. Not entirely sure of what was going on at that moment, my mind was filled with confusion, madness and wonderment.  I sure became to understand the real scene of what was going on after some reflected thought. And darling, have I got news to tell you.


First of all, let people be people. They do what they do and think it is correct. Much like you think and do what you think is correct. These people, who want to affect you negatively and throw you off your horse, which is all they really want. Hence why you need to know the difference between people and friends or family, even.

Second of all, who is really your friend and who is a passenger? What we want to make clear with this is that depending on who is messing with you and how they are making you feel also depends on who they are to you and what they mean. Maybe, much like I´ve done, you are giving them more importance than needed. Why? Because it just happens. Yes there is a deep thought that comes after that however that is for another post.

With this said and done and in mind, you can see things a bit clearer. Before we go into the final thought, let´s go back to what has happened. So, the first hours of the years were a bit of a rollercoaster of its own, but the only difference being that it wasn’t my rollercoaster. I was put into a situation that was forced, out of the blue and really had nothing to do with me even if it had my name written all over it. That sounds hard to separate them two but you know what, it is easier than you think. Because in this case in particular I was the easy shot, the easy way out to something that was happening in a whole different circle than mine. And if they were really friends (instead of passengers), they would have told me what was really going on, sat down with me and talk it out. And at that very moment, those few hours of the first day, I went through all sorts of emotions due to who these people are and what they meant to me.


Hence why I did step one and two, thanks to my couple good friends, they helped me reflect on those two steps and that is how I brushed it off smoother and faster than I originally thought. So now, moving on to the last final thought of this one; the sweet taste of being self-care.

Self-care that is so important and needed. The powertalk I received the same day and the following was to just let them be. You can’t really do much about it and you don’t want to. You don’t need that vibe in your life, sure, you let them in a bit too close because you blurred the lines of closeness yet that is okay, because it happens. You see, much like stated above, it would have been different if these people sat down and talked to me like adults and were interested in maintaining a relationship of some kind. However, actions speak louder and we must conclude that the steps previously stated above were taken and accounted for.

Hence why this year even more than before, this instant more than before, we are all about self-love and self-care. Something we all need and deserve. In every shape, way or form. Thank you for tuning in once again in these adventures and lessons. Take what you need from it and it is what it is.

The Always Believer


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