Oh the things you learn along the way!

Hi Team Flyer!

How are you? We are all about things we learn along the road, be that it may be anything from the latest app to the newest life phrase, to the most recent Netflix show to something a child reminded us.

We all learn in different ways, different times and most of all, at a different pace. For the past few months, I´ve had life lessons from the book ¨Eat, Pray, Love¨ to my advertising class to The Legend of Korra to Girl Meets World… from friends and new classmates to bosses and blogs…


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Overall, I wanted to share a few with you today since we all need a nice reminder along the road:


Be level headed: 

You see, we all can get ready to roar in a heartbeat, with flames and all, some easier than other of course… as soon as they knock you down or tackle you,you are ready to fight. Something that we really should´t always be ready for, why fight right away? When you rush into getting mad or frazzled, everything else goes wrong almost right away too. More so, people can get hurt, those same people who have no idea what has happened to your nor take the blame.

So, next time something bursts your bubble, first, sit back and take a chance to really see what is up, to really see, what it means to you and if all that extra fuss is needed. Stay cool, calm, collected, one way or another. You got this.


You got to have friends

They are your new family, they are your soul mates, your warriors, your buddies, whatever you want to call them… they are by your side. Once you start letting others help you, once you start opening up, you are able to find people who are more like you and have more of the same goals… And as you know, our best goal is to surround ourselves with people who take you higher. The amount doesn´t matter, oh the contrary… even if it is just a couple, you will truly begin to shine your own way by letting them in, help you, guide you and go on to great adventures.


(Heck yeah to all of these above! Huge shout out!)


Family is top-notch

No matter if they are the same friends who become family or blood members, they are they ones who got your back. Whenever it is that you reach the top of whatever hill you are climbing, there will be people who would want to know you, who would want to be next to you and who would say they have always known you… loads of those people are haters, wannabes, fakes, whatever you want to call them.

Then and there, no matter what is the highest of your hill, you will see your true friends standing. Because honestly, they have always been there and will be there, to guide you and save you along the way.


Comparing is for no one… 

We all grow at different times, we all shine at various moments, we all have different things all the time… to compare is a foolish game, one not to be played around with since it is a waste of your time. Seriously, no matter what it is that you see in someone else, whether it is something shinier or prettier, you have to see what you have, be grateful for it and continue. If you want other things in life, the only way to do so is moving on up and getting back up.

Work hard, stay humble and of course, make your life your own. Not anyone else´s.



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Follow me and everything will be alright… says your Instinct. 

The gut feeling, that voice, that inner you, that is the one that really counts, that is the one that know that you are making that move for all the right reasons, that is the one that shows us where to go and that love always pulls us through. No matter the heartache, the headache or whatever pain or panic, as long as you follow your lovely instinct at any time, you will steer the right way.


As we get closer and closer to festivities and exams, these reminders come in handy. And even if you are reading this mid-year, halfway into Summer or whatever, these reminders are here just for you. For you to have and to hold, for you to share and enjoy, for you to think and comment more down below. It is your own life, make it yours. We hope to hear from you, hands down.

Have a beautiful day, lovely!

Shine like never before,

The Always Believer


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