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As we stumbled upon June already, I wanted to talk to you about Lilo & Stich because it is one of my favorite films. It is about family issues and having a hard upbringing too, it is about loving people for who they are no matter who they look and it is about creating your own personal family. (and more!)

I am really enjoying sharing life events with you, once in a while, much more than expected. When I first started, I wanted to maintain the page more free-flowing rather than having a personal side to it. But I love to practice what I preach. So, how can I tell you to share your stories for #GoDoFly or other movements coming soon, if I don’t share part of mine? Well, I can. But the thing is, I want to.  I want to share this with you because you see the realistic side to all this, we gain trust and you get to know me as I get to know you. We grow together, like everything in life.

I am not sure how long I can do this due to busy real life going on but here I am once again, giving it my all. As you know from last weeks post! I am in the middle of moving, still traveling, just finished my last job and come Monday, start my Summer job. Hello life!

Back to the point, Ohana means family. I visited my best friends this year which are family.  Now, as I am still traveling visiting family and friends, it feels kind of wonderful reaching out to my roots. With a lot of my close ones, time and distance has become constant factor. It can range anywhere from months to years without seeing each other, we all travel and live all around the world.  I talk to some family members when we can and it always feels great. Even if it has been months. It is ok. We are not as tight, some families are, some aren’t. All of the above is ok. I love the fact that we can see each other whenever and it feels like we saw each other yesterday. It´s life, it happens. We might not see each other as often as we liked but we hang in close and make it happen.

Another key note to express –  we choose what to do in life. Friends who become your family, coworkers who turn into something more… all these things, there are endless possibilities. We all help each other, we all are ohana in some way or another. Family.

Lastly, I know I want to continue to keep sharing life with you. All these thoughts in my head are waiting to get out. And most of all, these thoughts of doubt, these random thoughts of shame, then those same thoughts turn into being more comfortable in my own skin and even more so being confident, lead me to you. 

I am working every day

Why? Because I chose to help you with them. I chose to share my story because they are a helping hand to anyone and everyone.

Thank you for being there, for the support, for the love, for the best comments and most of all, sharing your world and stories with me. I want to know more each and every time.

This might have been a random post scattered by the ongoing thoughts and emotions, all in all, what stands out is family, whoever you choose it to be.

What are you doing to help the world around you?

Thank you Fans, Followers, most of all Friends and Family. 

The Always Believer



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