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Here there you,

How´s it going? I´ve seen a bit of a pattern coming up and back to writing about ways to let go and having fun, it´s always a great topic to remind people about and I adore helping people out! 🙂

So, since sometimes we hang on to  pointless things no matter how much we think it is a good resource, we need to realize what is important and our next step forward to a better life.

Let´s start letting things go and let me help you see what ways you can do so!

Point 1) Write a letter with all the things you want to let go of, angry, hateful, all those negative words and then throw it away. Even better, burn it! Let it fire up and let it burn, there is a great relief that comes that. 🙂

point 2)  Set time for you. That simple. You need time for you, to meditate, to think about your feelings and upcoming personal goals. It´s great to be sociable but sometimes it´s a bit of a distraction to your inner self. So, write your thoughts in a journal, take some minutes for you and think only about  you and what you want.

point 3) Practice new activities. Anything that keeps your mind focused on only that, not to distract you but to motivate you to do something more with your life. Take a chance!

point 4) Get rest! And plenty of it! It´s so important to get your exact hours of sleep, you will feel much better in the morning, it´s like extra energy came in! And great on your beauty too, it´s called beauty sleep for a reason!

point 5) Talk it out, talk it to your cat even. Sure, it´s great to talk to your pet too, however talk to a close friend, to anyone you want to. Just talk it out and let it flow. Have enough time to talk all you want and whatever you need.

point 6) Those old memories lying around for whatever reason? You don´t need them. Change them for new ones, better ones. Ones that are your own, make them your own. Change those small things to something you enjoy to see every day, something you made. 🙂

point 7) Remember that even though it is great to talk to someone about the problem, talk about as much as you need and that´s it. No extremities. You don´t need to be talking about the same thing over and over again, just change the subject and that´s the new start!

point 8) Put some goals into your life!! Put them there, yes darling, find something, least one thing, that helps your life to become happier. It will help you turn your life around, start by doing one thing!

point 9) Reflect about your happenings and don´t judge. Stick together to the facts and leave it at that. Don´t wonder off, just take it with what it is and let it be.

point 10) Think of the future. Think how important this issue will be in a year, in two, in five.. think about how it will affect your future. And the rest of your life, there are some things that are going to disappear within months. Start letting go from right now.

point 11) Accept it. You can´t control everything and that is the beauty of life. To know that you have the power to control what you feel and how to deal with the situation. The rest, you can´t control so let it go.

point 12) Imagine your problem just floating away at sea, in a balloon, on the next train, just flying away with the wind…. picture it and let it go. Imagination is important and believing that is way of letting go of issues too.

point 13) Practice random acts of kindness, spread the love. That right there is the best feeling, to spread all that love. Just by a smile, just by a hug, anything counts. Love to be loved.

point 14) Look at the bigger picture, look at what you gained, look at all the wonderful things you have around you. It all counts. It all makes you You.

point 15) Pain is normal. It´s normal that you want to cry, you want to shout, you just want to eat ice cream and cuddle with a sad movie. It is all normal. So, darling, it´s all ok and normal, we are all human beings and we all have a way to process things. Cry all that you need and let it all go.

point 16) If a friend came to you with the same problem, what would you do? What would you say? Be realistic, what is the best advice you would give. That is the key too. Look at it from the outside and even the other person´s point of view. It all helps.

point 17) Accept your responsibility. Accept who you are and what you did. Accept the fact that you might have made a mistake and that you took care of it the best way possible. It will all come to you if it´s not yet resolved and if meanwhile you can´t do more, let it go. You will feel better as soon as you acknowledge your part, take control of that and keep moving forward.

point 18) have positive reminders everywhere, anytime and from everyone in your life. Say hey! I want positive things in my life!  Have them send to you anything positive thing that they see, anything that reminds them of you or anything that they would like to do together with you! At the same time, put positive sayings in your life, put positive affirmations around you. It works!

point 19) Learn from your mistakes, see the problem become smaller and once the lesson is fully learned, move on. It´s step by step and easy come, easy go… As soon as you see what you had to learn, become richer from it, you allow yourself to grow and let go.

point 20) Stand up for yourself and know what you want.

All right there beautiful and handsome people, this subject comes and goes, not only around here bur everywhere. We all need friendly reminders once in a while, either for you or for anyone else in  your life. Spread the word, hit that share button because the best thing of all is that you never know who you can inspire!

Thanks for the read, let me know questions, thoughts, ways of letting go in the comment box below. And hey, if you want extra love, send me an inbox on my Facebook page!

Take care!

The Always Believer


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