On This Day

On This Day,

Right here, right now,

You have the power to create, to get better, to do what You want to do.


You are usually confined only by the walls you build yourself, so tear them down! No one is going to come and save you. Stay there for as long as you need and take it all in. Whenever you are ready, get back up. It is worth it to take another step. As long as you believe it. It is only you down this path, only you that will take a step forward or back.

What is that holding you back? What is that you simple thing that you want to let go of? Truth of the matter, you may not be able to let go of go, like the wild ride life is, like the fact that you will encounter these moments from time to time. Yet it is up to you to make that decision on how to treat them. On how to overcome them. And most important, move on.

Let them go.

On this day, right here and this moment, you are able to take one step forward. You are able to make that jump.

Those social standards, those fears that you have, what are they good for? You are your own person. And if that is the first step to doing what you love, then so be it. You really don´t have to respond to anyone but yourself. So, do it.


We are ourselves. Our own worlds. Therefore, stop second guessing yourself. (Going through those thoughts of ¨what would he/she think?¨ or ¨Is it ok to be myself?¨in all our relationships.) The truth is that of course! It´s ok. Who wouldn´t want to fall in love with you or establish a relationship with you if you are being your true self?

It might take a while to get there, usually it does. Yet heck, be brave and be out there. Be fierce and show the world who and what you are because in this moment, this is how you want to be.

We will all come across changes and moments that help us grow. Meanwhile, give it a shout and be you. In every moment, in every case, starting now.

Baby steps by friends, then only you will know when you are able to fly.

Let´s do this!

Always Believe,

The Always Believer

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