One door closes, another opens.

This story is part of the #GoDoFly section.  Serving as overcoming an obstacle and a bit as a powertalk, it is a bit of both. A personal story, a light at the end and tons and tons of love.

Read away, Team Flyer!

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Sometime last week, I’ve received a call saying that one of aunts passed away. Even though I had no close contact with her and haven’t for years, my world still trembled. It shook me down to the ground, much more than I thought.

This made me feel closer to my family, no matter how far away we all are. It also made me think about the future, a quick glance towards seeing my dears ones pass away too. Now, that was an eye opener. As it shook my feelings around even more. It shifted ideas around and moved them into their right drawers. Yup, it all started to make more sense now.

Another unexpected turn in this story is that I had ongoing nightmares. For the past few days, I have encountered sleepless nights and various images that were not the happiest at all. This happening triggered many other things along the road. And man, it took me by surprise.

Those thoughts that passed through my mind made me dig up old feelings and work through them. It made me realize where I am now, as in, everything that I have already overcome. Not until a random reminder pops up, you don’t really see the process you have been making. And that what this was. On top of this, it was a reminder to sort out through old wounds too. Something I needed to do, without even realizing it.

This is why I always say that you got to listen to yourself and your body. This past weekend I did nothing but try to relax as I escaped from the world. I wasn’t in the best mood, I was cranky and sad. Sure, there were people who I wanted to see, places I wanted to go and things I wanted to get done. However, in all honesty, I didn’t want to do anything, anything at all. Between the lack of sleep, my worries and nightmares, I had enough to deal with.

And even though I woke up the following day wanting to do a million things, thanks to my boyfriend and a close friend, both made me stop. They made sure I did, they made sure I did just that. Oddly enough, I wasn’t even in the mood to talk. And after a couple of days, I felt a bit more rested. I talked a bit and actually had some peace and quite for a while. My body and mind needed it. Now? Back to life, kinda had to since I can’t take any days off. And I am okay with that. Meanwhile, I am going to regain my balance on a day to day method. And of course, bounce back in no time.

Going forward on writing about this or not, I decided to go for a yes. I’ve seen so many bloggers as they share their own personal experience, as you feel like you are sitting down with them while they tell you their life story… And I love that feeling. That is a feeling worth creating, worth sharing, worth doing.

As the title of this post goes, a door closed as my aunt passed away and it let to open wounds, in which I healed, in which I am healing and it opened a brand new space. A space that reminded me that it is okay to stop, a space that reminded me to cherish my family and friends even more, a space that made me love what I am doing even more.

And what am I doing?

This. This, right here. Working hard and smart, to get to you. To lend you a helping hand, to give you all that I can, to make your life better. This is what I want to do and I love doing so.

Aunt, thanks for reminding me all these things even more. Wherever you are, you made my dreams come true even more. You are being thought of and you are forever loved.

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Just as the tiger prowls through the jungle, you too are the master of your own domain! Your ferocious roar and sharp fangs command respect and although your approach to the world is sometimes seen as aggressive, deep down your spirit is filled with beauty, passion and courage! RAWR!

Go me! Go you! Go random things that bring a smile to your face!

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    1. Thanks Natt! I really wanted to have a positive tone to this, it is what I stand for: no matter the thunderstorm, there is always a rainbow. I am thrilled that you liked it. 🙂 Spread the love!

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