One. Just one.

Hello Team Flyer,

It just takes one.

One, I say. One experience. One moment. One feeling. One person.

For what, you ask?

For your whole world to change. You have been with countless amount of people in your life, no matter how shy you are or if your job consists being in front of a computer or if you are from a small town… we are surrounded by people all the time.

And then, there is one, there is one moment that it all just changes. Those strangers turn into your acquaintances, your acquaintances turn into people you know, those people you know turn into friends and those friends turn into the best memories you have.

Recently, a full stranger, a friend of a friend of a friend… has turned into an intense love story. We happened to be in the same place, at the same time, we didn´t have to talk, we got other friends and even our phones, yet we put it all away and gave it a go. We talked all night and many nights after that, we discovered that in just one moment our lives can change. Just when we let it.

Take another option: a best friend. We have our busy lives, we barely see each other but when it comes down to it, we jump up the moment we say go to live our next adventure together. Days of just talking, of trying something new, of living that one moment. We come closer together, we grow as people, we find the energy to live our lives with more energy and in full swing.

The more experiences we get, the more memories we make, the more addicted we are to enjoying each moment.

We realize the value of time and that one experience.

It just takes one experience, one chance, one moment of being brave and going for it… that experience will just might change the rest.

Go out and live that experience out there today, look around, look up and get going. 

The Always Believer

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