One less day or one more day?

Hey there champ!

What´s it to you? Glass half full or half empty?

One less day or one more day?

When the day is the same as before and you just to snooze and that´s it…. Just get up… !

Another Happy Picture moment of cheerful images to push your day and life to it´s full potential

I am going to simplify it for you ….


Learn from your mistakes and realize that whatever you did in that moment is because you choose to do so. Meaning that your glass is half full because you choose to do something!


Plus, realizing certain facts like these:

The simple fact that we are all artists…

Just because everything we do helps another person one way or another, that is another way of knowing to see the glass half full.

And you know what? Thanks to you someone out there is smiling, someone is always happy to see you. The world is filled with more than enough people and activities to know that we can be loved anywhere. The world is your oyster, you have heard that before. You have read tales and listened to stories of a person from a long-lost village that flew around the world and made his dream come true. Any way you put it, you, darling, got enough material to light up your life.

Just take what you need:

Take some with love and make it happen, it really is another day towards a journey full of love.  It is that, as long as you make it. I just want to spread some cheer your way!


And to have fun, chill, laugh, do something every so often that you enjoy doing, it´s your life so it´s only logic, duh 🙂



Once more,



There are certain images that are more valid than my words because through these images you have an instant smile on your face. I sure hope for you to see the glass half full and to know that it is another day to do something you love, another change to move forward and just another step to do what you love. So, what´s it to you?

Have a great one!

The Always Believer

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