One Step Back

One Step Back 

One step is sometimes necessary and we don’t even know it. I was told some stories about young entrepreneurs whose whole world got turned upside down making them crash and burn hard. Either declaring bankruptcy, having their property stole from right under them by their partner, starting off too strong to then lose it all in a turn of a dime… the list does go on.

Now, we are not here to sponsor about the negative side, heck no! On the other hand though, we do want to remind you of it. We want to be honest with you at all times. Come on, this is a place where you can get happy-go-lucky motivational posts as it is also a place you can get a ground sense of reality.

Life is hard. It is as hard as you want to be. It throws you curve balls and it all depends how you deal with them and what you want to do with those curve balls. These stories all had a major step back, a huge step back… One would think that there was no need to go forward…


We think the contrary. We know it is difficult to think of something like that right away, hence we got many articles to help you with that. This one is about realizing that this step back is something we needed. You see, these stories had something in common, (apart from being set back), all of them were mingled and deep down mixed with the wrong crowd. Not necessarily referring to an obscure world, mainly referring people who are on “Negativity Cloud Hill” which can be taken many many ways. Back to it, these people were mixed with them.

Drowning them into an endless spiral of doom and days filled with low points. You would see these cases from the outside and knew that things were not as upright as they seemed. All of the main characters of these stories thought their world was over, either having to move back home, either having to close down their dream, either leaving them with a family to raise, either to be left alone and nowhere else to go. A full step back. A time to mediate. A time to consider where they were going to take lives. You see, these people all had one thing going for them, their own will in succeeding in something they were passionate about.

As they took a full stop in the road, looking at all directions, they all took their time to get back on the road. Some are still on their way and some are already on the full path of recovery. One of them started a whole new business in a better location, another took the same business and moved cities with it, another stumbled upon new ideas as they were meditating and realized what they really wanted to do with their life.


This is our moment to remind you that you need to push your motivation, you need to do everything you can for that passion to succeed, you need to always believe…. find what you really want to do, remember it and keep it present. You might already have it, you might just find it along the way, you might just still be searching for it after a few steps back. That is what we are here to do.

So, that step back, that major deal breaker that you didn’t see coming, no matter how big or small it is. Yes, you are allowed to be angry, you are allowed to be let it all go and shake it off under your own terms… it just might be something you needed. Seriously, like these stories show, their step back pushed them away from “Negativity Cloud Hill” and some of them didn’t realize that, that was were they were.

It is okay to have a step back, it is all going to be okay, it is all going to be more than okay. Learn how to embrace it, learn how to deal with it and overcome from it. We are here to help you with that. If you have any ideas or doubts about certain problems in mind, feel free to talk to us. This step back is another step that you needed to make your dreams clearer.

After all, how many times have we heard countless stories on famous artist being hired last-minute to then be launched into mayor success, or YouTube stars that had barely anything in the bank yet still uploaded videos and got the attention of executives and many thousands followers, or even anyone in your local city who just tried once and once more to then all of a sudden, achieve just what they were looking for….

Come on, let’s be one more to that list. And that way soon enough, people just like us, people who keep believing, trying and doing, take over.

Have you ever had a major step back? Did you get off “Negativity Cloud Hill”?

Tell your story, either through the comments below or participate in #GoDoFly. We will be happy to hear from you, all year-long.

Keep spreading the love,

The Always Believer



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