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Hola amores!

How you doing? I´m here to spread some great pictures this time around. I sure that you are heading the right direction. I can just feel it. You´ve seem like you´ve gotten a step further lately. I cheer you on, dear reader. I do. Simply because I know that you are able to achieve your goal, look at you, you have already done so much.

As far as great words go, this below is one of them, least in my book. Miss. Emma Stone, I agree with you. The way you look at yourself is important and I know you have to be in key with is the inside and the outside. I want to let you know that we don´t need to look like  a specific way, we just need to be ourselves, whatever it may be. Honesty is a wonderful trait and how to lead yourself. First with yourself. It goes by the same rule of: First Love Yourself. It is that important and simple.

Move from what you want to change within yourself because you don´t like it, not because of any social standard.  Because you, the way you are, want to move forward and make yourself better. That comes from you.

Let´s open our eyes to our hearts, feel, breath and let´s find out what we really want. What is that thing that you always excites you? What is that main key of emotion? Find it, embrace it and love it. Let´s get to that point, one step at a time and make it possible. You really have all the right tools, you have all the right steps towards this goal.

My next image is one of my favorite. Not only because of cats and comics, but also because these little ones are being who they want to be. No matter how simple this drawing can be, these characters, if you transfer them onto real life, become who they want to be. They are what they want to be known for and how they are comfortable in their own skin. We have the same thing happening to us as humans, whether it´s a brand or a style, what we wear and what we strive for in the smallest to biggest things we do, makes us be ourselves more.  This action happens every day when you pick out your clothes. You choose it, you have the option into taking what you wear into a more positive spin.

To wear those jeans that you love, that dress what you only save for special occasions, those sneaker that fit your just right or that hoodie that you feel in love with. It all has an impact on your daily life, everything that you choose. You have the power to do so.  And remember, you are more than those clothes,  you are beyond that. The way you move yourself, express yourself are much more than that.

Now my darlings, you´ve got the energy, you´ve got the right attire that you feel amazing in, look at this image. I want you to see that someone in their mind thought of this and went head in to create it. It might seem simple for some, it might seem overdone, that´s not the point. What I´m trying to say that everything that it is our mind, we create. We think so many thoughts a day, we can think of a new technology piece, we can think of a brand of cupcakes for all that matter. All these piece of information is in our minds, we can create it. We can create our own art piece. Everything you have around you is there because you have created it. (as we know from such things as Law of Attraction)

No matter what you do, there is always a way to create your own art. It is in everything you do, that feeling of excitement. Follow it, discover it, create it. Because really, it goes from our heads to all around us.

Overall, with all these things said and done, please remember to take it easy. It´s not going where the river takes you, it´s going where you have that excitement to live, that love for doing something. And while we all love to sleep, take some time to re-set yourself and life goals. It can be six months a time, it can be just for next week. Take time to know what you want and within the journey, time to relax and know it is all going the way it is planned.

We are meant to be in this world to do something we love, it is that simple.

We can discover it in many ways and from then on, do it.

My lovely readers, open up your eyes, breath,dream big and go far.
I believe in each and every one of you, I believe that you can utmost do anything you set your heart to.

I believe in a world where good overpowers it all and I know we are the start of that. This is our journey. I deeply thank you for being by side and giving me that love.

You are your own creator! You are your own source of energy! It is all you, baby! Create it your way!

See, I knew you were doing better.  What do you think? I know you´re heading places sweetheart, I can feel it. It´s ok to stumble, life goes on and so do you. And this time even stronger!

Thanks for the love,

– The Always Believer


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  1. Thanks for sharing the love and global light energy! Blessings in love and light,
    Divine time to repair and rebuild our Gaia with light and love this time around!!!! Have an amazing day,
    Joanna RossPerez

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