Opening my eyes

Hi Team Flyer!

Welcome once more, here we are…. another Friday, you and me and nice bottle of wine, or sangria, or ice cream or hot chocolate or really, whatever it is that you fancy…

Let me take you in on what has been happening the last few months.

Opening my eyes 1)

I was working 40 hours a week, plus volunteering with foster kids, plus studying. For the past few years, I´ve been wanting to change my career path, I´ve been wanting to pick myself up and get a better life situation, not only money wise, mainly passion wise. For years, I´ve been teaching here, there and everything. No matter where I was, I always put my heart and passion to it, yet one day, it kinda went away. My passion that is… that day turned into another day and that day turned into a bunch more… until, thankfully I hit rock bottom. As you know by now, it came at the most random and precise time ever. I hit rock bottom and decided to give studying a go. I was pretty sick and tired of not being fully happy doing what I was doing, so…I did it! I did my entry exam to go to college,very late in the game, with only 3 months to go till the final exam.

And day in, day out, put all my heart,energy and love into that… and guess what? I did it! I passed the exam, I applied for schools, waited for two weeks and got the final most outstanding news, I got into the school I wanted!

I´ve changed my life for this, I shuffled my work around, I moved into a house that was as chaotic as cheap, I looked for a job offer as an Au Pair so I am able to work and study at the same time, I did all that before I got the final yes. (I am starting the Au Pair in just a couple of days, hello new life!) And would you look at that, I got a yes! How am I, you ask? Stunned. It still hasn´t sunk it, it still hasn´t reached its point yet. It will, at some point of the summer or even in September.  This is a huge game changer, it is towards making my bigger goals happen and it did open my eyes beyond horizon. Let this new adventure begin.



Opening my eyes 2)

My boyfriend and I decided to part ways. In other words, we have talked long and hard and came to the conclusion that it is better to continue as friends than as a couple. We are both in different stages, we are both really focused on our own degree, him more than me, after all, he has always been studying. And he did leave me something clear, it is time to focus on me and my studies and what I want. What I really want to do and follow my dream, while he follows his. Could have we done it together? Who knows? The lack of time is real since it is much more complicated than all this explained above. How do I feel, you ask? Sad, calm and happy too. We still want to be friends, be that as realistic as it may be or not, we are still taking it one step at a time. It opened my eyes bigger and brighter because he encouraged me to make my life better, he helped me along the road… So let´s hear it for friendship and here´s hoping for bigger life adventures together.




Opening my eyes 3)

Friendship. I moved out here about three years ago and it has been one of the best things I´ve ever done in my life. As I settle in and settle down a bit, I have continued to make friends, step by step, pace by pace and after everything going on the past year, it is a wonderful feeling to know you can count on friends. My newfound friends have opened my eyes to loving one another, to actually being there, thick and thin, being there in the ups and downs and in the most exciting and boring of nights… still, taking it one step at a time, still keeping things easy… nonetheless, they´ve opened my eyes to keep on believing and trying. Because people change people, that is the secret of life.




Opening my eyes 4)

Self-Care is so important. It is so, so, so, so important. For the past few months, not only have I been taking more care of my resting hours, I´ve gone to the doctor´s and taking tests. Not because of a pain, not because of anything wrong, just because. I wanted to be able to take care of myself and know that everything is under check. Sure, I can lose a pound or two, I can do more exercise, I can do plenty more, what I got from the results, is that I am healthy. And I also took this time to tackle a few medical procedures, which will still take some more time, hey, least I started.  I totally opened my eyes to see how important it is to take care of oneself and give oneself time.




Opening my eyes 5)

Foster. Kids. I would say enough said, yet let me say more. We are in this world to help one another. I´ve seen so much negative vibes and witness so much hatred the past few months all over. Apart from giving me a bit of sadness, just an inch, it made me fight harder in what I believe in. And what do I believe in? Love. Love is all around us. Love is us now, love is us forever. We are made to love. End of story. So when I go volunteer with foster kids, day in and day out, because I really haven´t stopped, it is love we send out in the universe. It is another ray of light that goes into a child, it is another hug that this child needs, it is another trip to the park this child deserves. Maybe, it just doesn´t depend on me, maybe it just isn´t enough, maybe, that is what you are thinking. I look it with a different pair of glasses; these hours spent, these games played, these songs sang, are and will be of help and support. Love. Love is the only thing we need. And you better know that is what I will be doing for as long as I shall live.




And an extra goodie:

Opening my eyes 6)

Surround yourself with people and things you love. Surround yourself with positive vibes, as much as you can, with the best of the best, with the highest tower of ice cream you can make and with the coolest sand castles you can make. You are here to learn, you are here to love… You are here to live, live what you want to live and make that jump, go for that goal and just take it all in.

(PS: Allow yourself time to let go and forgive as well, it will heal your soul and make your life a little bit lighter and whole lot brighter)

Thanks for being there and being my one and main inspiration, YOU, YOU READING THIS, is how this magic happens. THANK YOU.

I adore you, spread the love,

The Always Believer


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