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Hello Amazing People!

How are you all doing? How is life going for you?

Let’s get talking about goals.

How are you keeping up with your goals? What do you do every day to remind  you? What keeps you motivated?

Having a goal in your life is something necessary. For each time you achieve one, your self-esteem goes up. Your inner power of believing in yourself and that you can do more things salutes you! And most of all, you actually make things happen.

These goals that we often talk about can be anything you want, anyway you want it. It can be just for you or for more people. It is a goal that we need to see day in day out. Why? Because it is as important to remind yourself every day that this goal exists. Why else do we have so many ads selling us the same things? We have to be reminded that they are there. Same goes for our goals.

These goals can be long-term, nonetheless I highly recommend you to do these goals in short-term as well. Break that big goal down into little goals and you will see more changes in your life happen. More ways than you can actually see too.

I want you to tell the world, tell your best friend, write it on your (actual) wall, post it up, cell phone reminder, post it on the baby’s crib, anywhere you can for you to remember every day what it is.  

The more you see, the more you can visualize it in the future too. 


Not only that, it is also led to believe that these goals we set for ourselves are the hardest ones to crack. We have no other personal trainer, we have no other teacher or big boss to tell us how to do it. We have to do it for ourselves by ourselves. That takes a lot of inner motivation. And that is something I want you to find within you to make your dreams happen.

How do you get to have inner motivation? Desire. Want. What is it that you want? More than anything else in the world? What is it that you desire? From saving up for a nice beach holiday to doing more courses to have a better CV. Anything counts. It is absolutely in your power. You have the power to make it happen. You have the keys to that door.

Turn that desire into actions, turn what you want the most into your reality. You are half way there when you believe, now just do.

After this power talk, the rest is up to you. I can help you to the door, I can cheer you along the way, I can give you tips and listen to your needs however way you want it. Now, it is up to open that door.

Thanks for the read, keep on believing and doing

Spread the Love,

The Always Believer









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