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Today I wanted to remind you of all these ordinary things that happen that just make life a much better place. It is lovely!

Let´s get to it!

1) That old lady at the gym or at the supermarket. She´s 80 years old and ona walker or with a cane. She goes out to buy her daily things like she always has, she goe to the gym and gets going on that bicycle the best way she can, she goes to the park to feed the birds… that old lady or man who just keeps going and making their lives their own. 🙂

2) Those random likes on anything you have posted up. From Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.. anything at all, you just getting random people liking it and loving what you wanted to share. That solid moment that you were brave enough to share exactly what you wanted and it got from 1 to a million likes. That is a great feeling to see that message pop up ¨… likes your post¨

3) People on the public transport that get up from their seats to give it to someone who needs it the most. Not only to the pregnant women but to that old man or just a person who has a 2-year-old that needs to sit down on the ride. All those times you seen that happen, smile. It still happens.

4) When you see a person who is lost and stops and asks another person and that other person helps the other out. It could be just directions or even taking them the right direction. It is great to see strangers being kind and helping each other.

5) Doing that extra task that you thought it could not be possible to fit in. Whether it is that extra mile that you ran, that extra errand that you did, that extra cash you had to give a loved one another present, just that. When little goals like that come true.

6) When you give someone a gift and they express their emotion more than you could imagined. They really let you know what it means to them. And made a big deal about what you did because it was important for them.

7) Getting concert tickets !!!!! Having an event to go to that you look forward for to it for days!! Like, that is just amazing. That is something that is marked on your calendar, that you think about a lot and just makes you truly happy to be able to do.

8) Social life shares: Being able to find an online buddy, writing parter, blogger pal or just random person and seeing their profile. Being able to see their life all the way in Australia or Venezuela. Them, sharing that picture or video or whatever for you to see it. That, right there, being possible.

9) Turning on the radio/Pandora/soundcloud/YouTube/tuneinradio… anything that contains music and the exact song that you need comes on. It´s a gift from life saying ¨I hear you, have your song!¨ And it is even better when you randomly stumble upon a set list of songs that blows your mind. Say hello to that gift and welcome!!

10) Listening to your best friend,whoever it may be. First of all, listening to them makes your life better just because. Second of all, the moment you listen that after the struggles, they finally had something good come into their life! Life rewarded them with something amazing. Listening to their joy is just pure happiness.

11)  When you pour your heart and passion into something, either work or school related or in a personal level and you get recognized for it. You get a higher note than expected, you get a raise, you get one more like or a comment from a fellow colleague. That appreciation is what gives you the extra push to keep doing what you love. Simply rocks.

12) Walking around the streets/shops/anywhere and a stranger smiles at you. Just because. No other intentions needed. They just happen to smile because you are alive and they wanted to let you know that through a smile. That´s magic baby.

lights poxleitner cute smile and guitar gif

13) A marathon, food included, of your favorite tv show and movies. Just gets you going and makes life better. Laughing at old jokes and saying the lines all over again. Perfect combo.

14) Searching what you love online. Just google kittens or ice cream. And when you do that searching, getting extra information that is cool.

15) Sweetie! New music. It is great to take some time and get to expand your music collection no matter which genre you like the most. I welcome all new music to my life, love the variety. That is all.

16) Seeing love, new or old, just seeing it happen. Parents to children, siblings, couples, just seeing them rejoice with that love at random moments is the greatest.

17) When your biggest icon, whoever it may be, whichever the subject, likes something of yours, getting their autograph, getting a picture, them being human beings and just telling you ¨I like what you are doing.¨ It´s like unwrapping a present. It just feels more than great.

18) Talking to those random people in your office/apartment building/train ride/local store that you only see from time to time. Having a quick chat with them about daily life and then they give you great advice on anything.

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19) Cats. Ok, ok, dogs. Animals in general. That animal that you catches your attention, at the zoo, just because, at home or at your great-aunt´s place. When you see them your face lights up. I love knowing that they are in this world to spread love too.

20) Trying something new and loving it. Or even if you didn´t, you realize that you were brave enough to try Korean food, go to India or just go skydiving. You can have a smile on your face afterwards making sure you let yourself know that you rock.

21) Clean clothes. Clean sheets. Clean anything! Just the feeling of that everything is clean and organized your way. Smile, you are keeping yourself clean! That is always a plus.

22) Painting your nails, ok, ok.. this may not apply to everyone, however yes to pampering yourself. Whatever it may be. Maybe you don´t have time to do it all but just the slightest thing once in a while is just heaven.

23) A good find! Whatever it may be, old or new. Just finding a great keeper!

24) Younger siblings/older siblings/cousins/best friends/best friends kids… anyone of these that just helps you remember that love is amazing.

25) When someone just tells you how great you look or how awesome your last post was, out of the blue. Just because they cared enough to see it and to tell you. You being you.

There are many many more things that happen everyday that makes this world go around in such a positive manner. Tell me yours, what do you see? What small thing makes your world go? 

Thanks for the read, the love, for all of it! Love what you see? Turn those buttons to followers and spread the love, spread the post.

Have a great one!

– The Always Believer


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  1. Hey there! WOW, so much positive energy in your blog! You just gained a loyal reader in me. Anyhow, thanks for following my blog as well 🙂 share the love ❤️ (and yes, I use punctuation marks still haha)

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