Overjoyed? Is there such a thing?

Overjoyed? Is there such a thing?

This is what I am feeling right now. I am feeling this and a million other feelings, all at the same time. How is this possible? It’s me, come on. I can go from up to down in five seconds to then be up the rest of the day. Right now and as usual is Love, Joy, Happiness….

A friend told me I am feeling overjoyed and I stopped in my tracks… can we be overjoyed? I mean, come on, why is being “too” joyful a thing? You deserve to feel all the joy in the world, all the love in the world, feel it as much as you can and be part of it as much as you can. Because if we said “Oh, she is overloved!” it sounds a bit wrong, right? First of all because it is not a word, and then, second of all, it is surreal. We deserve to be loved all the time, as much as we can be loved. No over in that, don’t stick it into that world of “something being too much/doing too much”.

Going back to my feeling right now: overjoyed? I’d rather say any of the following: thrilled, euphoric, ravished, in good spirits, ecstatic…. Before we get into vocabulary issues, which is really not what I am talking about… let’s get back to how I feel.

I feel like any of the above and all of the above because life is wonderful. You see throughout the past few months, I had to work more hours to pay bills, I had to juggle three jobs, I had to babysit a ton, I spent a few days without barely eating due to lack of time… in other words: Life. At the same time, the same Life that makes everything else wonderful.

Because throughout these months, I have had the most interesting talks, the most deep thoughts and the best nights ever. Talking about ideas and long-lived memories, certain topics that become more natural and feelings that also have taken their natural path… Nights that are full of rocking moments and endless talks, day trips that all you can see are smiles and tears of joy.

Winning over old battles and turning new leaves… it is not overjoyed, the feeling that I am feeling, it is breathtaking, it is living a life I love, it is being secure of myself and what I bring to the table.

How do you feel with life? Let me know, share your story with us at #GoDoFly!

Tons of love,

Ariadna Arredondo


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