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Hi Team Flyer!

Yes, you read right, you got that right, I am overwhelmed all over again.. Let´s see, why the tossing and turning all over again?

You see, I started out my 2017 nice and smooth, a small break here, just about 4 days of not moving nor doing anything to get back at it and on the go again. I just worked, did not touch my books at all.  Okay, seems perfectly fine up to there. Then school started. And with school came exam season and projects, adding a part-time job. Leading to a 14 hour-long day of non stop movement from place to place.

Barely having 20 minutes to eat between school and work due to the commute, heading straight to deal with kids, from picking them up at school, doing activities, taking them to their after-school life… leading up gosh darn exhausted… all over again.

Most of all, overwhelmed. And it ain’t pretty. At all. For the most part, I have been feeling it and I don´t like it. Not that I am against my own feelings, it is just that I know that the change of attitude depends on me. I have been a bit negative and wondering how the heck do I fit all of it in my schedule?

Granted that the first term I felt the same way when exams came rolling up yet I had more time to study, a good 3/4 weeks more. To now, well, start school in January and start exams January 30th till March 6th. Yes, you read right, it is month-long because my college is intense and has tons of courses. Plus, two group projects. Sure, it is easy when you don´t have to work 6 hours a day, but when you do… I am trying to cram my study time after work and before school and every single weekend.



And that is also my point, I also want a social life. Not much, just a breather here and there. I didn´t have one during exam season in the first term. I just went on for 6 weeks straight to school to work to the library to then do it all over again. I am happy doing it, I am happy that I working hard in order to pay for school and then at school, pulling the grades and learning what I am learning… nonetheless, I am human... I need a break.

So, even when it was early on, I was already overwhelmed. I will change my train of thought, I will turn the table around and upside down and just leap in. Turn this whole vibe into positive, boss like movement. Since, it is temporary, since it is worth it… since, yes, I already know all the plus side. Yet, a girl can vent, can´t she?!

Yes, it will lead to me having no social life and just with the books… (Team Flyer, sorry for the boring instastories (Instagram Love, click right here, you know you want to … and, yes! It opens in a new window… woohoo) that will just show books, books and more books!) And I will take it easy in the best way I can. That is another thing that you can get with me too, pulling my weight every single day. Not only at work to pay bills, not only for my schoolwork, not only with my whole self and friendships, yet also with you. I tend to think that no matter who reads this or not, the time I´ve invested doing this post, editing that design, uploading that video… it is my journey, my consistency, my story.



And I welcome you in it. Because here you are loved, supported and you are also able to share your own stories.

For last, one of the my main thoughts when I am overwhelmed is  to think about people who I admire. From Ellen DeGeneres to Michelle Obama to some moms I know to a few other teachers… who have slept very few hours, who have worked very hard, who had the strength and the passion to keep doing what they love to do and get higher on the life ladder. I think of them because thanks to their hard work, responsibility, bravery and much more, they have what the have… they got what they wanted. 

Crazy, ain´t it… how they are able to reach higher each and every time.

And that is going to be me. My name in lights, my words and actions will help others and I´ll see my designs everywhere. I want to put my handful of sand to make the world better. And another thing, you know me, you get real with me, you get this messy, passionate, cheesy who is doing the best she can to conquer her world and make you feel loved, supported and have this sense of community.

So, here I am, overwhelmed and whatnot, wondering how some people do it all.. and meanwhile I don´t know that answer, I know the answer to where I want to be. Because I can and I will. 

As for you, Flyer, what do you do to recharge when the world is too busy for you? What do you when you have this feeling of not being able to do it and knowing you want to?

Thank you for listening to me,

Spread the love,

The Always Believer


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