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Hi Team Flyer!
How are you doing? Today we are going to talk about taking a breather… and rather than stopping at taking a break, this will serve as a reminder for you to listen to your own breath.

Now, if I tell you to breathe in, breathe out… you will do it so quickly that it won´t even phase you. And that is not the point of the story, the actual point is that you clearly take a step back and breathe in and out for a few minutes, to listen to how you breathe and from there, control it.

This post will be short, not because I´ve got that pile of class notes to read or because I can hear the kids shouting my name, it is short because I rather for you to take your own time out to listen to yourself rather than read me.

Breathing is automatic, your body is on automatic, we lose it, it comes back, it works that way as thankfully, it should. Because if we ever do forget to breathe, our body will do it automatically for us. And that my friend, is a nice luxury to have. Notwithstanding, on the other end, we have our dear body that control us.

And we need to go further than that, we can´t let our own body control us, we have to control it. We are the ones who have to be in control with our body and life lessons, as we go on our day-to-day. Not only errands, thoughts and options. But our very own breath.

The moment you listen to your own breath and take it the rhythm you want it to, you are the queen or king of your own kingdom. The moment you listen to that you find inner peace, all those thoughts and errands go away and something so simple and essential becomes your own sound. Your own body, your own power to focus on it, all by your own.

All in all, take a time to listen to your body, to control your body, to get that inner peace and reboot, get that time back to truly and solemnly focus on yourself.

Own it, it is yours. Because remember once you make it your own, no one else can take it away. Find it, catch it and own it. Always.

My best to you,

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