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Owning my bod

Dear Team Flyer,

Looking back almost two years to now, I have grown and found my strength. Not 100% just yet when it comes to my body and we are here to talk about it and all its juicy details.

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The first real thing I can tell you is that I am myself, day in and day out. I’ve changed, I’ve moved on, I’ve gone through a million emotions and learned the hard way that self-care is the first care. I ain’t got all the answers at all. At 31 years old, I can honestly say I still struggle when I look in the mirror. Like a lot. Like not all the time though. Body positive life what now?

Previously on the blog, I opened about my hypothyroidism. (and more info to come) That has been a huge part of non self-loving thoughts. However I already knew I had these thoughts from before I found that out. How come it is so hard to accept us, scars, bruises, curves and all?

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Yes, I fill my life with lots of body positive! My Instagram overflows, my connections are on point and my visuals as well. That is the first step up. I love seeing my feed and life with women from all walks of life, shapes and sizes too.

Do I still hesitate posting that poolside picture?


Even though I was utterly happy at that moment?


Even though you can see my smile radiate through the camera?


I do want to practice what I preach. That is something you can definitely find in this community. True Real Stories. So, yes, this is me. Still kinds down in the dumps with my body. And at the same time, pushing forward every single day. I love giving myself pep talks. It is needed. I love the signs I have hanging all around. My mantras are life. I repeat them time and time again.

Body Positive life starts with me. It does. It starts by being proud of my body, what I see in myself and loving myself. I love my curves, my hair, my tan skin, my strong legs and my recognizable smile. I barely ever wear make-up, I love having my nails done and I don’t really brush my hair on a daily basis. My style is mine. I wear whatever I feel like. And it usually changes. Sometimes I cry. I get up every time.

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I have been working out. I do have big body love plans. Not to fit the mold, to be fully honest. I just really want to be healthy. Get my health in check and build myself up. I follow some great fit Instagrammers who motivate me. I want to do more. I go from one side of the journey to another. Sometimes I get knocked down and lazy. My mantra tells me otherwise: “I am meant for more. I am balanced.”

This is what my body positive life looks like. Mostly up, sometimes really down and sad. At times curious for when I become a mom. I think about the pregnancy and the weight. I push myself to work out every day so when that does happen I will be in better shape. Some days, I just want to love my body just the way it is and say “Hey, give me those extra fries!” My body is what fuels me and makes me me. I want to take care of it to the best of my abilities. Finding the balance as we speak.

Lastly, this week I finally went to the doctor. And it was major! Not only did I have to stop working out for a month due to a slight injury and recovery, I also had a million dark feelings. The doctor gave me the best news! My hypothyroidism is off track. It left the building a while ago. Meaning that everything is in order actually. My feelings , my slowness on loosing weight, the way I needed to rest my injury.

It is all normal. I will get my thyroids on track starting next week, I am back to the gym and I just need to be consistent with the rest. Including my mind. I can control this. I can be the person I want to be. Just need to give it some time as I put the work in.

I was brave enough to upload it. Just for me. Self-love. More on Instagram.

Stay tuned for more Fitness (Body Loving) Friday. If you been following, you know that I am all about that gym and fitness lifestyle.

(This post is also part of the #SorryNotSorry Saturday section. I did it! I felt brave enough to talk more about this. Feel free to reach out and share your stories.)

What are some ways you stay motivated to stay healthy daily? Share away. Tell me your mantras and struggles. We are all here to help.

The Always Believer

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