Hello dear World Creator,

How is it going? What can I for you today? How many times have you heard these two questions? Specially the second one when you enter into any establishment. How does it make you feel?

I’ve talked a lot of times how often we need people, how people influence us and how everything we have is thanks to people. You included! Seriously, it is all made possible by everyone around you one way or another.

My main intention in this world is to Spread the Love. Whereas it seems to be a quite impossible task, I find it to be something that I can easily do. Why? Because there is always going to be a person who I can inspire and there is always a person that inspires me. That is such a wonderful feeling. It is like Pay it Forward. I think this is a very inspiring movement.

Moving on, I do believe that we need ourselves at all time, to be in balance with ourselves in the best way possible. Of course this takes a lot of time, power of mind and knowing yourself very well. All wonderful traits to have. But more in reality terms, people that surround us help us find those traits in ourselves. After all, how are we going to know that we are stronger than our last mistake if no one ever hurts us? Or how are we able to fly to the place of our dreams if no one invented the plane, plane tickets, flight attendants,hotels,cars,information spots,etc….?

You see, this is mainly to remind you that we need other people, we do love having other people around us. To motivate, to create, to help us, to vent, to work for us, to teach us, etc…

You are amazing in everything you do. You are able to do so much. And here I am to encourage you at your finest. People need other people to remind them of such things. Because you are not alone. Whatever it is that you are going through makes you a stronger person, makes you learn to love life more, makes you relate to others. You are not alone and that right there is a wonderful things. Other people have felt your pain too, have seen the dark side of things and have been lifted up by other people. You deserve that too. You, as human as you are, can ask for help. It is ok to ask for help. It is a journey through life to let go,cry,laugh,vent,talk and move on as you can. We are all here to help one another.

I believe in you. I believe in you having a greater lifestyle. The one that you want to achieve, the one that you want to live. You are going to be more than ok. You are reading these lines because you want to get better, you want to achieve your goals. You are stronger already and able to overcome more than you know. You are a person, I am a person. We all need each other, we all need other people.


This movement itself comes from To Write Love on Her Arms. And more specifically People Need Other People.

Tell me your point of view, tell me what is on your mind.

How do you need other people?

Spread the love,

The Always Believer


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