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Let´s talk today about perspective. Vague, isn´t it? Yes, just as I thought. Lately, I have been having these longs talks with friends, close friends to be more precise. We all know there is a difference of level of conversation between close friends and others. Anyways, a few close friends and myself have been going through a series of things that take our time, like break-ups, moving cities, taking the next big step towards their dreams and standing up for yourself. As you see, it is a series of important changes and subjects that we need to take our time dealing with.

Throughout our many conversations we come to see eye to eye on certain things and in others, well, just seems like the opposite. As I sit there, in the kitchen, sipping my hot tea and listening to their side of things, I realize that they way I look at things are really quite different from theirs. And visa versa. Now, this isn´t because we are completely different in every way, no way sir! (or ma´am!) Even though we share the same values and train of thoughts, our process with dealing with the same things are two formed by two paths.

Whereas I take one way of looking at things, like a break up for example. If I would have to pick up his things around my house to send it to him, I would take this as benefit for me. It´s an annoying task that for some, it will cause heartbreak, no doubt. In my case, I take it in a more positive side of things.  I know that getting rid of this things and finally clearing his space will help my healing process. And that I would do it when it felt right of course. That is something that me and my friend agree on, for example. Knowing to take care of things step by step when the time is right. Her, on the other hand, she sees it more like a job she has to do and gets really frustrated to have to go through all that. Now, I know it depends on what stage of the break up you are and all the other important things like how long you were with someone … The point of the matter is that it´s the way you handle the situation, the way you see the situation, because it is really the same one.

Another example is standing up for yourself. I´ve got friends who tell me to choose my battles wisely while others who think that it is always better to say something than to be quiet. I find it interesting that when people are confronted with the same situation, how different they will confront it. Maybe these two people have lived their life the same way, the same social standard, the same school, the same everything. But if you really see it closer, it´s up to them to decided which perspective to choose.


It all goes back down to people who cry over spilled milk or people who just clean it up and continue life. Next time you have an issue coming right at you, what perspective will you choose? What ways, what words, will you choose? Life is all about the reaction too, it is all on your perspective, your side of things. See, it doesn´t matter where you grew up or how much money you had, we all have different perspectives of seeing anything. Sure, the external resources can affect us to a point and that helps us become more us more automatically. The real issue is that everyone´s perspective is unique.

You see what you want to see and how you want to see.

That is something that truly fascinating for me.

Lastly, I think that we all move around in this world in our ways and how we want to live it. We end up surrounded by people that we choose, no matter how alike or opposite they may seem. As I sit, still sipping my tea, listening to all these stories and watching people move around me, I am captivate by how we all have the same issues and make it just our own. You see, I wouldn´t do some of the things my friends would do under the same type of situations, I would act my own way and manner. It´s the same as the importance I give something. Same goes, visa versa.

What perspective do you have when you are confronted with life matters? Have you ever stopped to think what would your best friend would do under the same position? And that whatever you do, you always do it in your own way. That´s something special right there.

Remember, you have got the power to see life the way you want to see it. It is your own. It is what you bring to your own table. You do things your way because you want to do it. That´s it.

Take care, do what you want to do and be true.

The Always Believer

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